Transformation 1 Cold 0

“Mom, it’s really cold in here!”  I looked at this child, rubbing her arms and staring at me.  “I’m really sorry you’re cold, Sweetheart.”  I almost carelessly tossed the words over the top of the computer screen I was working behind.

Some days, that response would have been one of distraction or busyness keeping me from giving this child the fullness of my attention and concern.  This was not one of those days.

The child walked out of the library for a little while.  Pretty soon they were back.  “Mom, it’s cold in here.”  “Honey, I’m sorry you’re cold.”  Again, words, spoken kindly, but without anything other than that…kindness.

A third time they wandered into our office area.  “Mom, I’m REALLY cold.”  “I know, the house is quite chilly today, with that north wind.”  She just stared at me.  I smiled and gently rubbed her arms to add some warmth to them.   She looked at me as though I had lost my mind.  I kept smiling and returned to my work.  She stood beside me for some time.  Looking up, I asked, “Honey, is there anything else that you needed?”  “Yes, I’m cold.”  “Yes, I know, you mentioned that already.”  I could see the light coming on behind her eyes…. “You’re waiting for me to do something about the situation aren’t you?”

HOORAY!!!!  She got it!!!!  During this past year plus, one of the HARDEST lessons that the Lord has been teaching us (and hence we’re teaching our kiddos) is about the importance of making choices.  Somewhere along the line in our lives, we thought we only had to make choices once and they were a done deal.  For some reason, we didn’t realize that walking with Jesus required a daily (hourly?!! moment by moment??) choice. (I’m not talking about an action choice – I’m talking about a mental choice to go to the Word – it’s hard to differentiate because the distinction is subtle…sorry)  😕

Let me pause here a moment and clarify, I’m not talking about choosing Jesus – I’m talking about choosing what I will think about, what I will believe, what I will accept as Truth.  I forgot that the roaring lion that is seeking to devour me was still part serpent.  Like a Fer-de-lance, it slithers its way into my home, in search of its prey.  And its prey is my mind!

This, I think is why I was so struck with the importance of not going about my life brainlessly. (In a previous post) That is when I’m most vulnerable to the poison that the serpent of old inflicts into my system.  It is a puissant neurotoxin!  If I am not keeping my brain engaged with the Word, one good bite and I will believe many things.  Including that I am a powerless, broken person, with no hope of seeing life change.  You know what?  That doesn’t line up with the Word of God – therefore, it simply can’t be Truth.

By standing in the doorway doing nothing more than telling me of her “problem”, my precious daughter was allowing her mind to be poisoned into thinking that the situation before her was more than she – or she and her Savior – could handle, when it fact the simple addition of a sweater brought an immediate resolution to her problem.

In this life, we will have trouble, but take heart, Jesus has overcome this world!  That is the Truth that we want our children to grasp and are actively training them toward, in fact.  This morning, this training took on a whole new level of meaning.  We were discussing our hesitancy in participating in a holiday function that we had been invited to.  We love the people involved, but being with them is hard.  (It’s one of those complicated relationship issues – the more we change, the harder it is to be with them.  They don’t want us to change, so everytime we’re with them, it’s an opportunity for them to tell us how we need to go back to Egypt, so to speak.  Not being fond of bugs or heat, we’re choosing to not listen.)    😀

We all sat there discussing what the hardest part of the event was for each of us (and there are different dynamics for each of us) when we looked at each other and said, “Hmmm, guess we have a real choice here, huh?”  We all laughed.  We’ve been learning about choosing life for months, but here, in the face of REAL life, we couldn’t see it.

I had to wonder if perhaps some of you might be facing the same kind of choices – do you have situations that you’re in that you don’t like?  Do you have family or friends that you will “have” to spend time with this holiday season that you don’t enjoy being with?  Do you have heart breaks in your life that are keeping you from walking in joy?  Perhaps it’s time to join the Clarks in their ongoing battle to conform no longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of our minds with the Word of God.  (I will tell you, that by choosing to stand on the Word and believe God we have been seeing Father transform not only our minds, but the the situations that we’re dealing with!  He is SO good to His children!!)

So, what choice did we make about this holiday gathering?  (There were actually two things involved)  One, we decided that we would not participate in one of them. The “price tag” for that gathering was too high for our family for this season.  We still love the people involved and we will bless them in our not being there.  But, the second event we will be attending.  And we will choose life.  We will choose to walk in the life that Christ provided on the Cross and instead of going with down cast hearts, we will go and PURPOSE to be light in the midst of darkness.  We will choose to take Christ at His Word and believe that He has indeed overcome the world – even holiday gatherings!  😉

(Sorry for a second post today – this was just heavily on my mind and I couldn’t work until I shared it.  A God thing…or a blond thing?  Not sure)  😀


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