When God asks hard questions…

This morning, as I was sharing time with the Lord, the Holy Spirit gently asked, “Will you give me all of your life? ALL of it?”

I confess, in my arrogance, I started to answer, “Absolutely Father, whatever You ask, I will give to You!” Even as the words were forming in my heart/head/mouth I had a list of things passing before “my eyes.”

Would I give You all of my life?! I don’t know. I would want to…..but what about….

where I live? I love the seasonal changes and all their beauty. Would I willingly give those up?
how I dress? What if You were to tell me to ONLY wear dresses? What if You told me NOT to wear dresses?
who I speak to? What if You were to ask me to NOT speak to our neighbors who confess to being atheists? What if You told me TO speak to them?
what music I listen to? What if You told me to only listen to hymns? What if You asked me to listen to music that I don’t prefer?

Lord, that’s the key, isn’t it? What I prefer? Those issues that I think (or have thought) were the “right” thing that are nothing more than my own personal preferences – my own places of “safety”. There are things that I believe I’m doing for You or in Your Name that aren’t YOUR preference, aren’t there? Oh Holy Spirit, show me!

For Father, I want to be a woman whose only answer always is, “Behold the bondservant of the Lord, may it be done to me according to Your Word.”


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