Remember when…..

Christmas time came and going to Grandma’s house was an adventure in sugar overload?  I’m SURE my Mom loved it!!  I know I did.  🙂   Grandma felt that anything less than 20 different types of cookies and 5 different types of candies was an indication of abject poverty.  AND if we didn’t have a fresh stollen from her kitchen, then it was a sure sign that all was NOT right in Christendom!  😉

There were rolled spice cookies, mincemeat bars, English Toffee bars, date cookies, refrigerator cookies (including the checkerboard kind), there were cookies with silver candy balls on them, cookies with other little colored thingys on them, cut out sugar cookies, Crinkle Cookies, Wreath Cookies, Russian Tea Cakes, Lemon Bars…and so many more.

But there…in the middle of the cookie tray, calling me from across the room… there were ALWAYS Thumbprint cookies.  They were loaded with butter and they would melt in your mouth in a way that seems almost too decadent for a good church-going grandma to serve!!  (Although she did make Cranberry Cake and Rum Butter Sauce, too.  Rum extract, but STILL.)

I can’t imagine what she was thinking, but my Mom didn’t share Grandma’s Thumbprint cookie recipe with any of us kids.  She has passed on now and my Dad isn’t exactly a fountain of confectionery acumen.  (I love him and he’s a very good cook, but patissier he ain’t. The man considers Sara Lee to be haute cuisine. )    🙂

SO, does anyone have a grandma that made incredible Thumbprint Cookies AND shared the recipe with you?  If so, would you mind allowing me the privilege of butting in on your Grandma memories and making her cookies too?

2 Responses to “Remember when…..”
  1. bethberes says:

    What a great memory. I loved going to grandma’s house and baking Christmas cookies.

  2. javadawn says:

    Beth, Grandma was a perfectionist about holiday baking. I was only allowed to EAT from her bounty at that time of the year.

    The rest of the year was for baking with Grandma, Christmas was time for her to show off. (Hey – I didn’t care, I got all those yummy cookies out of the deal) 🙂

    Thankfully, I haven’t been affected by the same mindset. Sugar cookies around these parts resemble Never-food (from the movie, “Hook” with Robin Williams) !! 😀

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