Dear Friends and Family,

Again this year, we are sharing with you a holiday story that we hope you are able to read aloud to your children.  (Well, most of them anyway.  Jeffrey is terrible about sitting on our laps when we read.  He keeps insisting on stretching those long legs of his out.  And this may be beneath Davenna, we’re not sure, she hasn’t given us her review of  it yet…which we’re certain she will.)

This story is the fruit of a year of learning, at a whole new level, the importance and treasure that we have in the Word.  It’s been a challenging year, no doubt about that!  But, it’s one we wouldn’t trade for anything,  for in the midst of it – in the depth of the hardship – we found Christ, and His Word, to be more than able.

This year, rather than a normal (from Clarks?!!!) Advent story, we decided to make it a New Year’s story.  For those of you that do not like serial stories, you may check my blog on January 1st and find the story, in whole, as a pdf file.

Last year, just before the end of the story, our computer crashed, taking the story with it.  This year, we have had a major virus infect our computer.  HOWEVER, unlike last year, we were prepared and have copies of this story in several places  (Including WordPress).  So, won’t you be brave and join us for “The Stone Keeper” for the next ten days?  We would be honored to share with you the words that Father has laid on our hearts.

Whether you join us or not, we wish you all the very Merriest Christmas and a New Year filled with the unmeasurable blessings of our Lord and
Savior.  May He be exalted in all our lives – and lifted up this next year in our words, deeds and thoughts!

To Him be all the glory,
Much love,
The Clark Clan

PS Don’t forget the Christmas music link in the side bar.    🙂


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