Of Horses, Carriages, Love, Marriages and…. (Being a Kingdom Family Part V)

Choices and Dominion.  Can’t have one without the other.  (Thank you Frank Sinatra!) (Kristine’s comment made me realize that I have not done a good job of clearly explaining what I mean by both terms, dominion and choice.   In my mind the two are so closely intertwined that they can’t be separated…and they are such … Continue reading

“Spending my life amongst fly specks… (Being a Kingdom Family Part IV)

while miracles have been leaning on lamp posts at 18th and Fairfax!” Those were Dr Chumley’s words in “Harvey”, the old Jimmy Stewart movie from 1950.  They hit me between the eyes.  They describe my life until recently.  Day in and day out, I was obsessed with the little things, while I allowed the incredible, … Continue reading

Thank you Danica :)

You found just the things I was hoping for. Once again, Danica has tracked down the images I was wanting for my blog and not only Gimped them just for me, but also added some fun touches to them….all while I snoozed.   🙂    I LOVE MY GEEKS!!!

The End of the World (Being a Kingdom Family Part III)

This morning, as I was enjoying time with Father, I was reminded of this past summer when we were at the end of our own strength – and the end of our ability to keep on standing and at the end of our ability to…well, do anything. We had no grocery money, we were down … Continue reading

Being a Kingdom Family Part II

We are drama people at this house.  We can’t help it.  It flows through our veins, right along with the blood.  We figure it can be traced, like other genetic traits – big noses, big mouths, big eyes, big hams.  It’s all part and parcel of being a Clark. When I was in high school, … Continue reading


“Different families, different standards.” “Ain’t nonyabidness – that’s between them and God.” “Obedience always brings blessing.” These are phrases that we use to brainwash our children on a regular basis.  We tell them these things from the time that they are small.  We expect them to finish the statements once we’ve begun them.   We even … Continue reading

Lost and Found

We have a regular computer ritual – she will nuzzle her curly blond hair up against my arm, then look up into my face, sigh and say, “We’re best friends, aren’t we Mommy?”  I lean over and smooch the top of her head and say, “That’s the way it should be in families, huh?  People … Continue reading

Being a Kingdom Family

We Clarks have been told we have a pitiful sense of humor, a bizarre sense of humor, a dry sense of humor and even a sick sense of humor – but never NO sense of humor.  Therefore, when I recently saw a bumper sticker, while out shopping with the fam, and was overcome by the … Continue reading

The importance of speaking the same language

He says, “I’d rather we not.”  She hears, “My preference is that we don’t do that, but we could….”  He means, “I do NOT want to do that, there’s football on.” He says, “We can do that this weekend, if you’d like.”  She hears, “Sometime this weekend I will make that a priority for you.”  … Continue reading

The Stone Keeper – Chapter Ten and the Conclusion

The climb up the mountain was staggering. Steinar couldn’t believe that the old man of his dreams made this climb any too often. He hung to the side, looking up the steep mountainside. It seemed he had been climbing for hours. Was it only this morning that he left Jorn and started up the mountain? … Continue reading