Of Horses, Carriages, Love, Marriages and…. (Being a Kingdom Family Part V)

Choices and Dominion.  Can’t have one without the other.  (Thank you Frank Sinatra!)

(Kristine’s comment made me realize that I have not done a good job of clearly explaining what I mean by both terms, dominion and choice.   In my mind the two are so closely intertwined that they can’t be separated…and they are such deep issues in my being that I’m finding it hard to pull them out and put words to them.  (There are times I ache for heaven, just for the ability to have someone read my mind.  SURELY that will happen in heaven, won’t it?!  Like a farrier, while my desire is to twist and form words to make wondrous things, I find that sometimes I end up smashing my finger – or getting burned – instead.)    🙂

So….this is going to be my attempt to rectify that situation. )

Growing up I longed for my own bedroom.  LONGED.  I wanted to be able to lay awake in bed and read for hours, while the rest of the house slept…without my sister tattling on me!  🙂   After much finagling and moving stray boxes out of the “sewing room” I managed to pull it off.

It was my space.  I could read to my heart’s content. My own little “garden” – it was even green and yellow.  (Okay, and orange.)  I did a lot of babysitting and saved up for little dotted swiss (does anyone even use that anymore?!) curtains with ruffles and tiny green leaves all over.  I loved them.  I then did some hay baling (UGH) and saved up for a bedspread.  It was….well, it was the 70’s.  Need I say more?  Good.

I loved my room.  It was my haven.  When the noise of family got to be too much, I’d go to my room and blare WLS.  (Any one else within transmitting range back then?  Remember Larry Lujack?)  It was much more peaceful than arguing siblings.  (??? It was then, anyway)  I even ended up getting my own phone.  It was my domain!  I was ruler of all I surveyed.

One day, my brother, after having threatened some boys bigger than he was, needed to make a faster than normal entrance into the house.  My open window became his entry point.  He made a dive; shredding through the screen, ripping the curtains right out of the wall, landing his muddied feet on my beautiful bedspread and racing out of the room, sending my phone crashing to the floor. Destruction and tears were left in his path.  I was devastated!

Someone had ravaged my domain.  They had broken my freedom (my phone), they had ripped the fruit of my labor (my curtains) and they had left their muddy footprints all over my broken body (hey – BALING, remember?!! I weighed less than 85#, I assure you that haybaling resulted in my broken body!).    🙂

My domain was destroyed and I was crushed. 

Until that time, my bedroom was flawless.  Every book was alphabetized, as were my records.  Dust was not allowed in my room.  I washed my windows every Saturday when I also swept the carpet (cool orange shag!) and wiped down the metal rail at the base of my bed.  (Don’t ask.  It was my domain and I wanted it just “so.”)  From the moment my garden was felled, I lost any passion for keeping it.

Within a few weeks dust was not only welcome, it had taken up residence and was renting out space to friends and family.  The trash can that I had previously emptied every morning was full and overflowing and finding respite under the bed even.  The once alphabetized books were scattered helter skelter around my room – some lying open, some with water rings on them from having left a glass on them. (GASP!) And the records?  They were stacked on the turn table (BREATHE Jeff, BREATHE) – many of them with scratches on them.

I had not only “lost” dominion of my space, I had submitted to the lie that I was powerless to regain the reign I had previously enjoyed.

Therein lies the hand-in-hand dance of dominion and choice.  Dominion being the realm that has been given to us from God the Father, through Jesus the Son, that we are empowered to rule over by the Holy Spirit.  Choice being the authority to make choices relating to the ruling of that dominion.

We can’t understand the depth of the power of our choices until we understand the breadth of our dominion.  Both require an understanding of what Christ obtained for us on the Cross.  (This is going to stick its “fingers” into something else I want to blog on – but if you know me, you know I tend to repeat myself anyway.)    😛    I fear we do not comprehend the fullness of what Christ accomplished on and through the Cross. I do not want to miss even one ounce of that understanding.  The Cross is so huge in my mind, that to diminish it in ANYWAY, the scope and breadth of its acquisition makes me weak at the knees.  I can’t – I won’t – allow it to be any less than its fullness in my life.

And that statement is a reflection of choice.  Because I have come into an understanding that I have previously misunderstood the fullness of the Cross, that understanding is now a part of my dominion and I will, by choice, not allow it to be diminished in my sight (or that of my children) again.  Dominion dancing with choice – can’t have one without the other.

In the Kingdom we have some common areas of dominion and some individual areas.  Reaching the lost with the Gospel – common area.  Your time – individual area.  The Kingdom of God – a common area.  Your personal gift/calling/anointing – individual area.  We must walk with great care to honor the areas of individual dominion and “do our share” in the area of common dominion. (This isn’t by any means an end-all list of the areas of our dominion!)

We are entering a time in history where more people are coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus than ever before.  HUGE numbers.  If that isn’t a harvest that is white, I don’t know what would be.  It is ESSENTIAL that we understand what our areas of dominion are, so that we aren’t duped into believing that we are powerless or incapable of changing things in our lives…or lives around us.  This leads to choices.

We must choose to believe that every area of authority that the Holy Writ grants us is ours, through Christ Jesus.  This does not ennoble us – on the contrary we should be honest enough to look in the mirror and say, “God entrusted YOU with that?  WOW!  He is a great and mighty God, INDEED!”  (I’m joking of course.  That would not be honoring the power of the Holy Spirit that indwells Believers.)  But, it SHOULD lead us to be amazed and all the more in love with our Lord that He would allow us to partner with Him for the plan He has for our nation.

When we make that choice (to believe the Word about our realms of authority), it not only helps us to understand power that has been entrusted to us, it helps us make choices all day long.

Someone sometime lost sight of the fact that in the Kingdom there is no gray.  We are either advancing the Kingdom and choosing Life or we are hindering the advancement of the Kingdom and choosing Death.  I kept thinking that there was a gray area – you know, “Can’t I just eat some M&M’s and enjoy a good book, without making a life or death choice?”

The answer is no.  I am a child of the Most High God.  He has a “mission” and He is allowing me to hang out with Him on this mission. Can you imagine?!!!  How long would Indy Jones allow you to hang out with him, noshing M&M’s and reading a good book, while he’s dealing with spiders and large rolling stones?!!  PUHLEEZ, we’d be canned on the spot. (Either that or the spiders would get to us.)

If  Indy wouldn’t keep us in that state, how much more the Creator of the entire Universe?!!  He’s not rescuing some historical artifact, He’s rescuing souls and He wants us to help Him.  (Please understand, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a time and a place for noshing M&M’s and books.  THANK GOD!  He is mindful of our state.  He knows we break easily without rest and refreshment.  This is in part, why I think He is so passionate about Sabbath….but that’s another blog…again.)  🙂

SO, let’s say that you are faced with an opportunity to really blow your top over something.  You are facing the life and death choice of:  if I allow my flesh the “freedom” to have this hissy fit, will it advance the Kingdom or not?  I’m betting the answer is not, but that’s between you and Father.  HE is the one that determines what your dominion is, therefore, He is the one you need to answer to for your choices.

Knowing that you have all these choices, of course, really takes a pot shot at a) pouting (gulp) b) whining (choke) or c) complaining (coughing) or d) acting as though we are powerless (WHEEZING). (I NEVER do any of those things, I just wanted to mention them, that’s all.)  All of these things are responses that we allow one another the “freedom” to make, and they all lead to death.  We need to love one another enough to challenge each other to better choices, in light of our realms of dominion.  (That doesn’t mean we JUDGE the choices.  That’s a choice we don’t have time to make.  IF I’ve got time to assess your choices, then I’m not making the choices I need to be making in my life.)

PLEASE UNDERSTAND, I’m not talking about choices that would take you outside the Word of God.  I’m not talking about choices of deciding what Scriptures you like and don’t like.  White-out isn’t a tool for Bible study.  The Lord Himself has BREATHED into that Word.  It is His personal letter to each of us.  Just like when God renamed Abraham and breathed His breath into his name – Abra- (HAAA) – m, we do the same with the Word around here.  We call it the Bi -(HAAA) – ble.    Our friends from down south love it!  😉  😀   If that isn’t enough, Jesus gave His life that the Word might become flesh and dwell among us!  Can’t dismiss that one.

Noblesse oblige. “You have been born to great privilege, with that comes great responsibility”  We, my dearest friends, have been born to privilege.  We are the children of the King of the Entire Universe.  Nothing in it was created outside of Him and He will determine the day that it shall stop being.  All things are in His hands.  Because of our great privilege, we too have great responsibility.  We must daily take dominion and make choices that advance the Kingdom of our Lord.  And we can.  We are filled with the same power that raised Christ from the dead.  We are SO incredibly blessed.

(I hope that offers a bit more clarity about what I mean when I say Choices and Dominion.  Truly, we can’t have one without the other.  If this doesn’t clarify things, PLEASE ask me to try again.  I’m quite willing to say that I smashed my finger this time.)    😛

2 Responses to “Of Horses, Carriages, Love, Marriages and…. (Being a Kingdom Family Part V)”
  1. grelb32 says:

    Amazing, Dawn – these are things that God has been speaking into my life, too, as the eyes of my heart have been opened. The last couple of years have been so interesting and hard – but very life giving and exciting.

    The whole choice and assessment of choices thing: “IF I’ve got time to assess your choices, then I’m not making the choices I need to be making in my life.” I just understood that last weekend. I had been feeling it for awhile, but couldn’t put my finger on it. God suddenly brought it to light, and I got it. I think there are soo many things we waste our time on – when we need to be walking with Him and talking with Him and asking Him about every decision.

    Love ya!


  2. javadawn says:

    Holly, it IS hard. It’s hard because it’s as though we have years of “traditions of men” built up on us, like lime. It has to be scrubbed off. Sadly, for me, it was harder than it needed to be, because of fear. (Like maybe it had to be chipped off with a sledge hammer and an ice pick?) 😛

    Because I was afraid that I might not be able to discern Truth (with the indwelling Holy Spirit? With a simple test like, “Does this exalt Jesus Christ and further declare that He is God?” ???) I found myself fighting this truth over and over.

    I remember the day that this first hit me – it was almost a year and a half ago. I was feeling like I was being bounced around like a polished ball in a pinball machine! I was asking Father why it had to be like that – and He basically gently and quietly said, “Because you have believed a lie. I have given you dominion and because you won’t take it, life is going to over take you. You either over take it, or it WILL over take you. It has no compunction against knocking you over in the process to feed its greedy self.”

    I walked around feeling guilty for days, because I was considering standing in the face of all that I had been taught about life. We belong to the Lord’s – there is nothing in this life that can touch us without Father’s permission. Therefore, that must mean I’m to be nothing more than a shiny ball, being beaten to a pulp by flippers and plungers. 🙂 I felt like even considering something different was sin. I felt like I was carrying some filthy secret in my heart – and it literally made me sick…

    It took months of me fighting the Lord over that. “I know that this can’t be from You, my Lord. I know that I must receive everything that comes from You with joy and just allow life to happen to me!” The Lord was silent and let me throw my hissy fit.

    I then remember one morning waking up and someone called and said, “I’m coming over today, would 2 or 4 be a better time?” I remember thinking, “I have three work projects due today. If you come over, then I will have to give up all my time with my family. Lord, can this REALLY be what you want from my day?” (this was particularly poignant for me, because this person was notorious for coming over for the intent of gossip or complaining – what a horrid thing to exchange time with my precious family for!)

    As soon as I asked the question, the Lord said, “No, that ISN”T how I want your time spent.” And with that, I could “see.” I could see how many times Jesus said that He only spent His time on the things that the Lord had for Him. SO, I finally got it!

    Just because the Lord allowed it, didn’t mean I had to receive it! I have had people offer me dessert before and I have the privilege of refusing. I have that same privilege with my time. The issue is seeking Father’s heart and not just going with my own.

    Why is it, do you think, that I thought that the enemy wouldn’t try and come against my time and steal, kill or destroy that, just like everything else?

    This has turned into another blog, hasn’t it? Okay, I’ll be quiet. 😆

    Thanks for sharing that you’re learning the same things! It helps to know we’re not totally out in left field. 😛 🙂

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