Working for the weekend! (Part II)

Ah, sweet Sabbath.  Sabbath is a precious time, but as with many aspects of our life, it isn’t just going to happen and happen well, without some purposeful planning on our parts. As I shared earlier, Sabbath at our house is comprised of two things: preparation and celebration.  I already covered the first two aspects … Continue reading

Working for the weekend! (Part I)

It’s Wednesday already.  (For many it’s Ash Wednesday even – while important, not applicable to the fact that it’s Wednesday)  And at our house that means one major thing is taking place:  our attention has been turned to the weekend!!!  WOOT!!!

Oh no you don’t!!!

It was the end of a long, hot day at the Dude Ranch and we were all eager to be done in the barn and hit the pool.  One of us was more eager than the other.  You see, she had her sights laser focused on one of the ranch hands. He looked like Little … Continue reading

I am strong

Joel says I must say this, so I am declaring it – from the rooftops! (or the internet, which is even greater)   I am strong!! (Joel 3:10) Yesterday for Sabbath, we listened to a man teaching about “the hour” that we are in.  It was interesting and it certainly has produced good fodder for … Continue reading

Bulls and bears and snipes, OH MY!

There are many things that Jeff has introduced me to, among them good coffee (I drank brown mud water before meeting him), good music (I won’t even go there, that would likely cause him to be tempted to sin, all puffed up!) and snipe hunting.  He enjoyed introducing me to all these things.  That’s just … Continue reading

Don’t give me no bull!!

Living where we do, in the midst of both English and Amish farms, there are many things that we have seen, or experienced, that most folks never do.  (This is both a good thing and a bad one.)  However, today, we experienced something totally new – and one that I’d just as soon not do … Continue reading

Whatchoo looking at? (Being a Kingdom Family VII)

When I was in high school, I performed in a play version of  “The Spiral Staircase”.  I played a mute girl who was living in a mansion helping to care for the invalid widow.  There were two sons and a nurse and Doctor living there as well. Jason, the lead male character, played Professor Albert … Continue reading

Coffee with Jesus

Has anyone else seen the video that Worship Fuel has produced?  It’s very poignant to see that and stop and check your heart just to make certain that it wasn’t an accurate reflection of your own prayer time.  (I mean YOUR time, of course, never mine)   😛  😉 Here’s the link. Amusingly and sadly all … Continue reading

Electrolyte Searches

Dear Friends, My account is showing TONS of searches for homemade electrolytes, which makes me suspect many families are dealing with a lot of sickness.  For those of you that have forgotten how to make them, I will repost them here, BUT, more than that, won’t you please consider posting your name in the comments … Continue reading

Don’t worry, be happy ;)

Today is Jeff’s Valentine’s gift to me.  A day spent with Father, in prayer and study and learning more of His ways and His Kingdom.  (It’s better than chocolate!  And you KNOW that’s saying a lot, coming from me.)  😀 This afternoon, I was reading again in Matthew 6 of seeking first the Kingdom.  I … Continue reading