Don’t worry, be happy ;)

Today is Jeff’s Valentine’s gift to me.  A day spent with Father, in prayer and study and learning more of His ways and His Kingdom.  (It’s better than chocolate!  And you KNOW that’s saying a lot, coming from me.)  😀

This afternoon, I was reading again in Matthew 6 of seeking first the Kingdom.  I was thinking of our many friends that are without work in the area and their need to see Father bring food, drink and clothing for their families. (hence the previous post)

As I was reading that, I was struck again by the wording, “Seek first….” That means BEFORE the need is met the seeker is seeking…..that means the onus of initial response is upon us.  That means….

that while we must take those first steps to seek Father’s Kingdom, He will respond to our seeking.

Knowing that time of seeking can seem so long, I just was reassuring my soul and double checking, “Oh Father, we are such WEAK vessels, please tell me that this is one of those, “Take one step toward Me and I will take two steps toward you” issues!!”

As fast as the words left my heart, Father said, “Oh no, this is just like the Prodigal Son issue. You take one step toward Me and I will RUN toward you.”

So, dear ones, if you are being tempted to be concerned by the needs of this life – ANY needs – seek His Kingdom first, with all your heart seek.  Not only shall you find It, you will receive the joy of the Father, running out to meet you.  He will throw His arms around you and He will kiss you… and immediately you will go from seeking to found.

So do not worry, your Heavenly Father knows you need these things.


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