The New Version of Scripture?

Recently we had the privilege of sharing time with some other Believers.  (Isn’t it sweet to be with the Family of God?)

They were telling us how God had been good to them, how He had blessed them with a house, children and some other nice stuff.  (Uh, not that kids and stuff compare, but you get the idea.)   🙂   But, recently, the husband had lost his job and they were concerned that they wouldn’t be able to pay their bills – that they would not have grocery money, that they would not be able to keep their utilities on…and they were scared.

I understand that – we have been there.  We have been at the place that we had no idea how we would have food for our next meal, so I know this feeling well.

As they have been struggling without their immediate needs being met, they have been told by others in the Body that they should be grateful for the place that they are in.  They are being told that as long as they have their salvation, they have all that they need.  They are being told that God will be with them in the midst of this situation, so be of good cheer and consider this an adventure.   And you know what?  They’re right. 

They’re right as long as they are using the NRV when quoting Scripture.  You see, somewhere along the line, the Church has begun to believe the New Religious Version of the Word.  And Sistahs, I can not tell you how grievous that is to me – and to Father.

What we call the NRV, at our house, is a rendition of understanding Scripture that has been perpetrated against the Church for years now.  It is based on the lies of the enemy and it is intended to soothe the Religious spirit that runs rampant in this world.  And sadly, we have been accepting it as the REAL Word.

You see, the REAL Word of God says, “How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!”   When we stand by and see one another in a place of pain and difficulty and commiserate with them that it’s too bad that God isn’t meeting their needs, or encourage them to believe that God MIGHT supply them with food, but to rejoice even if He doesn’t, then we have surely traded in the KJV, the ESV or the NASB for the NRV.  The same verse (1 John 3:1) in NRV reads, “How insignificant is the love the Father has eked out on us, that we should be called the distant relatives of God! And that is what we are…I’m pretty sure.”

My friends, if the Lord is our Father – and Scripture is clear that He is – AND if we are able to quote 1 Timothy 5:8 with ease (But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.) WHYWHYWHY then do we wonder about the provision of God our Father?  We are His children – we are “of His household,” therefore, for Him to NOT provide for us would make Him deny Himself.  Is that really (REALLY) what we want to be saying of our Lord?

Believe me, as I write this, these words apply to me as much or more than anyone else.  While we were in the throes of our battles, I would tell people, “The Lord has not chosen to supply the money we need for food today.”  What a horrid heart attitude to have!! What was I saying?!!  What a lie about our Father to utter!!  I have repented of my words, but my Siblings, we MUST NOT – nay, we DARE NOT – say such a thing about our loving, gracious, abundant God.

If you have friends who are in need, and you’re not able to help supply their need, then at least be in prayer for them and ask the Lord to show them what needs to change so that they might have the full measure of blessing, care and provision from the Head of their Household.  Don’t tell them that despite not having food, they are richly blessed of the Lord.  That is no different than telling them to be warm and well fed.  (And we know how God feels about that.  “How good is it?”  James 2:15-17) The Lord cares for His children and if that isn’t what is happening in the natural realm, then we had best be looking to see what the enemy is doing to steal and destroy in their lives.

The time that we are living in will bring many to a place where they are living in just the same place that we have been – in a state of need.  It is CRUCIAL that we know what the Word REALLY says and not be satisfied with quoting platitudes and soothing words that are not based in the TRUE Word.  These are nothing but the traditions of men and they do not have within them the power to change lives or circumstances, for they are dead.  BUT the Word of God – the living, breathing, TRUE Word of God does.  We must choose to eat of nothing else!


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