Don’t give me no bull!!

Living where we do, in the midst of both English and Amish farms, there are many things that we have seen, or experienced, that most folks never do.  (This is both a good thing and a bad one.)  However, today, we experienced something totally new – and one that I’d just as soon not do again…..

This afternoon, Jeff and I needed a few minutes to talk uninterrupted and to share a few thoughts and to pray together.  So, we filled our coffee mugs and jumped in the van to drive a few miles.

Minutes from home, while watching the incredible sunset, we turned onto a rarely traveled road, home to quite a few Amish families.  We could see ahead of us, someone, on foot, in pursuit of a….bull.

Yes, there in the road in front of us was a large black bull, white tipped tail and all!  Having not dealt with anything like this before, we were uncertain what the proper etiquette might be.  Furthermore, we were uncertain as to what his mental state might be.  We were certain however, that it would be best to NOT annoy him.

At first, we simply drove VERY slowly quite a ways behind him.  However, when he turned around, stared us down and let out a “whoof” of air, wispy white in the cold, we decided that stopping at the side of the road was the better part of wisdom.  We pulled over and let him exercise his authority undisputed.  (We’re pretty certain he viewed the big brown van as a threat.)

He wandered about the road for a few miles, at which time he jumped off into the nearest field.  We’re not sure if it was his or not – but we sure weren’t going to argue with him.  As far as we were concerned he could go into any field his big black bull heart desired!! (And the guy who had been pursuing him before had disappeared.  Maybe he was content to let us do battle with the bruiser!)

I never expected that there would come a day when I would tell someone I didn’t want their bull and mean it LITERALLY!  I was wrong.


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