How Full is Your Convinced?

We are preparing for Passover at our house.  This is always a sweet time of the year for us…okay, I’m stretching it.  It’s a sweet time for me, because it means I get several of those nagging projects completed.  The children are SUCH a blessing, serving me in that way.  Most people, I believe refer … Continue reading

You Smell!!

The kids call me the Super Sniffer, (in honor of Gus on Psych) because I have such a sensitive nose.  When I was young, I could hardly endure going to the mall because all the smells of new dye in the clothes would give me a wretched headache.  (Now the chaos, lights, sounds of dishonoring … Continue reading

My “Food” Pyramid

Yesterday someone got me started on the need – or lack thereof – for women to have “me” time. I have ridden the roller coaster of that concept and I believe I have finally found my feet on solid ground when it comes to this issue.  I also believe that many of us are being … Continue reading

Trophies of Love

He didn’t give in to self pity very often – but every once in a while, it would sneak up on him and he’d be crushed under the weight of it.  Tonight was one of those “once in a whiles.” He lay in bed, pretending to be asleep, until he could hear his wife’s breathing … Continue reading