Brainwashing Day 3

Please don’t be discouraged by what may seem like a slow start.  We’re building a foundation from which to move forward.  I don’t want you to spend the time with this and not get the full benefit out of it.  It would be like winning a day at the spa and skipping the massage, because your muscles didn’t hurt.  🙂

Please start today by praying Ephesians 1: 17-19b over yourself (or your family!).  Don’t feel obligated in any way to copy the prayer I wrote out.  I just shared it with you as an example, in case you were unfamiliar with praying Scripture.  Feel free to pray it however the Spirit leads you.

So, I know this will surprise you, but take today to write out everything you believe about Jesus.

When I say everything, I don’t mean every single thought, okay?  This isn’t intended to take you four hours. 🙂  I just want you to make some broad statements.  Like, “Jesus had the coolest hair of any human that ever lived.”   You don’t need to list its color and whether it was wavy or not.   😉    (I am of course, being facetious – but you get my intent, I hope.)  We’re after your basic tenets of belief, that’s all.  If you WANT to be specific, go for it!  I am a journaler at heart and the more journaling you want to do, the better, in my estimation.  😀   (The theme book industry LOVES me!)

“A man of too many friends comes to ruin, But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”  Proverbs 18:24

If you have extra time, consider this Proverb. Who do you believe that it is in reference to AND why would they stick closer than a brother?  Isn’t “blood thicker than water”?

2 Responses to “Brainwashing Day 3”
  1. Lynn in AK says:

    I am so glad we’re starting slow. I am trying to finish up the Beth Moore bible study I’m in but also want to be brainwashed. After this week I should be able to join in whole-heartedly.

  2. javadawn says:

    Well, Darlin’ I know Beth Moore (figuratively) and I ain’t no Beth Moore. 😀 Sorry, wish I was, I LOVE her teaching. (Thank you Sarah Hughes for introducing me to her.) 😀

    Enjoy your study, my dear. Which one are you doing?!

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