where the sights get weirder every day

Where the HAZMAT suits can sure look cute

By the truck parked in our alley way!

Indiana, ev’ry morn, my honey lamb and I

Hang the laundry up and sip a cup

Of what we thought was leg-a-lly dry!!!

(Apologies to Mr Rodgers and Mr Hammerstein)

This is in honor of walking out our back door, to hang clothes on the line, only to see the alley filled with cops and guys in HAZMAT suits.  And we were just in jeans and tees.  Ever feel underdressed?!!!  😉

Edit Note:  I should be whipped!!!  A theatre student that left out the “d” in Rodgers?!!!  Quelle NIGHTMARE

One Response to “IIIIInnnndeeana”
  1. javadawn says:

    And, Kristine just sent me a link to a “local” news station explaining that it was a METH bust!!! Our neighbor!!! A.G.O.G.

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