Brainwashing Day 12

Yesterday I focused on Romans 10:17 – “So, faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of Christ.”

Today, I’m giving you quite the “homework” assignment.  Take time today to look up what Christ had to say about faith.  You don’t have to go through EVERY statement Christ made, at least take a look at 15 of them.  Make notes about them in your journal.  Make note of your response to them as you read them.  (If you can, spread them out.  Don’t get them all from any one book, and be sure to get at least one from each of the Gospels.)

Since faith comes by hearing, you might even want to read what He has to say aloud to yourself.

(I know this is a heavy work  load – but tomorrow will be MUCHO easier.)   🙂  🙂   (Honest!)


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