Brainwashing Day 15

She was leaving the bathroom in a sleep fogged daze (or was it him? Oh well…) carrying a chocolate bar in one hand.  (That always grossed me out – chocolate in the bathroom??!!!  Blech!  And I’m a chocolate person! But, better chocolate than the other…)  He was running down the hall, a jar of peanut butter in hand.  WHAM!!!! They collide.  (What a surprise)

“You got chocolate on my peanut butter.”  “No, you got peanut butter on my chocolate.”  Two great tastes that taste great together.  (Of course, then we all sing the jingle…that is if we’re older than 30.)  🙂

Today, that’s what we’re going to talk about in our discussion about faith.  The power of two powerful things coming together.  And it will be great!  Yesterday I shared with you the verses that the Lord shared with me when I was asking Him to teach me about faith.  The problem is, when you ask something like that, the Lord takes you seriously.  (Even if you aren’t totally certain that you are!)   He begins to bring all kinds of information and teaching your way that focus on the very thing you have asked about.

So, when I started asking my questions, the Lord starting bringing books and teachings and Scriptures to me – times when I’d wake in the night, KNOWING with every fibre of my being that I HAD to get up and read a specific book in the Bible. (and sometimes the Lord would let me sleep until the alarm and then get up and read it and sometimes He didn’t.  I think it depended on how badly I needed to hear it.)   We even had someone send us the “wrong book” for our order – and then let us keep it despite the book we ordered being a buck something and this one being significantly more.  THAT’s how serious God is about getting the information to you that you need.   You ask, He will respond.  He loves to teach us about Himself.

NOW, while I fully intend to go into this at more length, I will pause here and make a statement for clarification.  What I’m going to teach you, from the overflow of what Father has been teaching me, is not for your personal gain or glory.  This is about Kingdom stuff.   This is about living life as a Kingdom-minded Believer, rather than just a Christian.  Again, I will go into more about operating in the Kingdom later.  (maybe I’ll do that next, instead of Covenant.  That makes more sense.  Sorry, do you feel like a guinea pig?  I did have it all laid out, but when I actually put feet to it all, it requires some on the fly changing to make it more useful to you.  Sorry, I’m rambling…)

So, imagine my surprise when the Lord starts teaching me what seems to be on the outside as nothing more than “call and haul it” ( or “name it and claim it” as some people refer to it.).  To say that I was angry – to say that I felt as though I’d surely been deceived is to put it mildly.  I’d spent time with Call and Haulers and I wasn’t interested in becoming one.  I openly ignored the leading of the Lord for some time.  Part of the time quietly, part of the time quite vocally.

I won’t drag you through my journal for that time, because a) I’d humiliate myself if you could see how ugly my heart was about all this and…does there need to be any other reason?!!!  The first is more than enough for me.  But, I will tell you that this was a hard and trying time as I went to the Word and scoured it for Scripture to understand why the Lord would call us to speak to the things in our lives.  And yet, despite my best efforts, I couldn’t disprove it.  In fact, the evidence to the contrary began to mount up.

Things like Ezekiel 37.  Or 1 Peter 4:11.  Or Proverbs 18: 20 & 21.  Or 2 Corinthians 4:13.  These, added to Jesus telling the people that they would need to tell the mountain to move, not pray it away – TELL it away.  Those were all pretty hard evidence intended to change my understanding.  And it did.

Since we are created in the image of God – and God created all things by the Word of His mouth – we are to use our mouth as well.  I believe that this is a principle – a law, if you will – that operates in the Kingdom of God.

I believe that this is how God brings about the supernatural – one way, anyway.  I believe He desires us to take the power that is in our mouth (Proverbs 18, Psalm 45:1, Proverbs 12:14) and use it.  When we do that, we take our natural and combine it with His Super. Ezekiel 12:18 (and 37) are incredible examples of that!

Now, what words are our mouths to utter?  His Words.  We’re to take His Words and speak them out.  Just as Jesus took the Words of the Lord and used them to make His stand against the enemy, we’re to do the same.  And as we do that, since the Word says that faith comes by hearing the Word, every time our ears hear ourselves speaking out the Word, our faith is built up.  And because we’re hearing the Word, what is our faith being built up in?  The Word.  See?  It’s this beautiful dance the Lord has laid out for His children.

His Words have power. (Hebrews 11:3) He created us in His image, that our words might have power too (Proverbs 18:20&21).  He gave us His Word (2 Timothy 3:16) and He told us to use it. (1 Corinthians 2:12 & 13)  When we do this, we combine two great things that go great together.  With them we help advance the Kingdom of our Lord into this dark world.

Note: I do not expect most of you to just accept what I’m saying without a fight.  I told you, my receiving of this came with a BATTLE.  The kicking and screaming type.  If you need to kick or scream at me, feel free.  I won’t cry.  🙂  I won’t budge, either, but I won’t cry.

I am convinced that this is really not something I can teach you – that it MUST come through a revelation by the Spirit of the Lord.  If He is not revealing it to you, then perhaps it is not for you, at this time.  BUT, I beseech you to make certain that it is not the traditions of men that are holding you at arms length from this.  Be bold.  Ask the Lord, “Is this something that I should even consider?”  Let Him be your teacher.  I’m just the initial mouthpiece standing in the middle of your road speaking….and we ALL know what that means.   😉

If you want/need to discuss this with me and want to email – feel free to use stromata8 at msn dot com.  I will happily respond to you.


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