Brainwashing Day Number…I’m not sure

I apologize if you were among the people that wrote and asked me if I’d fallen off the face of the earth.  Life here at the Clark place has been very interesting, to say the least.  🙂    (Your prayers for us during this time are greatly appreciated – and rawther needful.)

I had planned on wrapping up our Brainwashing discussion by this Friday, so that your minds would be renewed and you would be transformed, ready to do the will of our Lord and be refreshed by the Holy Spirit, in time for Pentecost.  Is anyone but me getting the idea that isn’t going to happen?

I still have pages of stuff in the Word doc that I have been keeping all the notes that got this project started.  (Did I mention pages?) Much of it is the very core of what I desire to share with you – the things that have made the greatest change in my relationship with Father – the things that made me fall in love with Him in a whole new way. I don’t want to just stop and leave you hanging here – but then again, the amount of content that I have is way too much to pack in here in the next four days.   (Not that the Holy Spirit can’t move on any day other than Pentecost.)

But, our big debate has been, what to do now?!!  We have this entire series basically in book format.  It wouldn’t take much for Jeff and I to turn this into an ebook that you could print off and have for your own devotional time.  (Rather than copy and pasting each day.)  But, not everyone is going to feel like they want to do that.  SO, what is the best way to serve everyone?!!!

Guess what?  Despite praying about it, we still don’t know.   I can either hit what I have now hard and have an ebook edited and formatted for you for Monday morning, bright and early, or I can start back into writing and we can finish this off, one day at a time.  My time (due to several other projects and a family situation) is rawther limited, so I can’t do both at this time.  (Meaning, either way, eventually this WILL be an ebook.  The question is, is it now or later?!)

I have a call in 2 minutes and when it is done, I will pop back in with a clear decision.  Well, clear for me, anyway.  😀

Abundant blessings on you all!


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