Is you in or is you of?

I should have known better.  I should have known better.  I should have known better!  I spent MONTHS (months and months and months) of praying, studying, praying, reading, praying and planning to get our homeschool plan.  Why would I get caught up in the “pre-school” flurry of ideas and plans?  Why would I think that … Continue reading

Spaces are important

I believe the Word of God. The question I find myself facing on a regular basis is, do I see it as the Bible given to the Body of Christ, that I give assent to….or do I see His Word as sent from Him to me personally? One little tap on the space bar and … Continue reading

Bats in the attic

Years ago, when we bought our first house, we looked at a big old Victorian house here in town, that sat on a corner, neighbor to the church bells that rang at noon and 6 pm.  The house was amazing.  Everything about it was just right. In some homes, the red carpet might have looked … Continue reading

Doin’ what you’re told

“Abigail! I told you to put that book down and get over here and pick this stuff up.  Do it now.  Abigail, did you hear me?  I’m going to count to three….(cue threatening, angry music).  One…………………………………………..Two……………………Did you hear me?  I’m counting to three.  Three and ONLY three.  I’m not cutting you any slack this time. … Continue reading


Some of our dear friends are poised to make a move eight hours away.  It makes me sigh deeply.  The move they are making is one that will surely bless their family. It is to a beautiful part of the country.  It is a good move for his career. But, as for sharing daily life, … Continue reading

Are your eyes wide shut?

Once upon a time, in a land somewhat far away and in the very recent past, there lived a man.  This man was a very kind man and everyone in town liked him.  His farm, because it was on the edge of town, seemed the ideal location for keeping watch for enemies of the kingdom. … Continue reading

Are you still looking?

Ever hear something and no matter what you do, it keeps rattling (dancing, prancing and generally making noise) around in your head?  That happened to me today.  I had no intention of writing a second blog post today…I was reading in Luke chapter 7.  I was reading right along…tra la, tra la, tra  la…and suddenly … Continue reading


“Make church the IN thing to do.”  On. the. sign. out. front. The IN thing?!  Seriously?  The “IN” thing?  I grew up in the 70’s.  I remember when we talked about things being “IN”  I mean, for crying out loud, I’m exactly the parent that Sesame Street was trying to “catch” when they did the … Continue reading

Are you running around with your head cut off?

Growing up, the Smiths, one of our dear friends, would turn their really cool white and blue swing-set into the (cue the slasher movie music) the Poultry Poles of Death!! We could always tell that this time was coming, because Mrs Smith would move the swing-set over near the old tree stump.  This meant that she could … Continue reading

How do you really feel?

Oh, I love your new dress. I love that movie. I love that truck. I love that cake. So many things to love.  Our world is filled with delightful – and delight-filled – things for us to enjoy.  But love?