Rain in the midst of heat

For northern Indiana, it’s been hot.  The ground, the plants and the people are all showing the effects.  My normal morning routine of Bible and prayer time on the porch has been abandoned for the comfort of the air conditioning and my “prayer chair.”

When the thunder rolled quietly – it called me away from my work – I quietly took my Bible and prayer journal and snuck outside for a few moments of retreat in the midst of a busy day.

I had not even closed the door when I could smell it.  Watermelon.  The air was so heavy with the promise of rain, that the melon my neighbor (across the street and two doors down!) was eating perfumed the air all around me.  It smelled sweet and inviting.  I closed my eyes and enjoyed it.

Within seconds, the thunder announced again the arrival of rain and without waiting to be properly introduced, it descended!  The smell of watermelon was exchanged for one of tomato  –  the plants growing all about the porch, stretching to grab more rain – gulping it greedily.

Like the tomatoes, I too long for and reach out to the rain that falls in the heat of my life.  I open the Word and drink deeply.  His refreshment, readily available.

Thank You Father, that those who hunger or thirst, will do so no more, nor will the scorching heat or sun strike them down.  For YOU O Lord – YOU have compassion on us – and You will lead us and guide us to springs of water – Your Living water…and we will drink.   (Isaiah 49:10)

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