Whatcha lookin’ at?

They were sitting on a bench, under the tree, watching the kids playing on the playground.  The grandma on the right was commenting about the little girl in pink and all that she was doing.  The grandma on the left kept correcting her and telling her it wasn’t pink, but rather red.  This went on for some time. “Oh look, that little girl in pink is climbing up the slide.”  “Red, and they’re bars, not a slide.”, “Oh isn’t that little girl in pink cute? She is swinging so high for someone her age.”  “She’s wearing red and if that’s high, she needs to grow some %#lls.”  (Hey – just reporting the convo.) 🙂

This went on for several minutes, with me being fascinated, first of all at their interactions with one another, but secondly by the disparity with which they each saw what was taking place.  I walked over behind them and in that moment, I realized the situation – they were watching two different girls!  One of them could only see the little girl in pink, the other could only see the little girl in red.  Because of their point of view, they each had a totally different perspective.  All they had to do was move over just a bit and they could have seen both little girls.  But they did not.  They chose instead to argue and bicker over who was right, based on what they could see. At the time, I giggled, as I passed behind the two dears, but this morning, as I was reading in Romans, I was struck by how valuable one’s point of view can be.

Abraham, the father of our faith, as Romans 4 says “did not waver concerning the promise of God,” but instead, was “fully convinced that God was able to do what He had promised.”  He did not allow the “reality” of the age of his body – or that of his wife – to determine his response.  Instead, he filled his eyes with the promise of God and saw only that.

In our culture, when someone is seeing something that isn’t there, they are called delusional.  When Scripture comes up against that, they’re called “faithful.”  Too often, the temptation to determine what I see based on “the facts” rather than the Word catches me up.

This morning, as I was considering the two grandmas and how vitally important their perspective was to what they saw, I want to make certain I am positioned to see what God sees. I want to fill my eyes with the Truth of the Word so fully, that it blocks out anything else.  I want eyes that see – even if it means I have to move a bit, in order to have the right perspective.


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