Wisdom for the Gardener

We have a garden.  Granted, it’s a little garden.  A little garden in a little yard.  It won’t always be that way.  One day soon, we will have a large yard and a large garden.  But, for today, we have a little yard with a little garden.  Thankfully for me, we have learned a very important lesson concerning our garden  – one that will work in our little garden and one that will work in our big garden.  No matter where the garden, no matter what the size, this little tip will ALWAYS work.  It’s a secret that I will share with you – one that will transform your garden!!

Ready?  You sure?!  I can give you a few seconds to prepare for such brilliance and wisdom, if you’d rather….okay, only if you’re certain…then, here it is….don’t plant beet seeds if you want to grow corn.  

I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking, “DUH!”  Ahh, ahhh, ahhh.  Don’t look wisdom in the snout…so to speak.  There is GREAT wisdom in that statement, if you read it properly.  The wisdom is yours for the taking, but you must be ready to take this grain and plant it, in order to get your harvest.

“As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.”

Do not be deceived, God is not mocked, for WHATEVER  a man sows, this will he also reap.  Do you REALLY think that God is talking about potentially mocking Him with beet or corn seeds?  Nah, me neither.  Instead, it seems very clear that He is saying that everything in our lives is a matter of seedtime and harvest and that will not cease as long as we’re here on earth.

Do you look at everything that happens in your day as a seed, with a guaranteed harvest?  Scripture says when the sower sowed, he received a crop of thirty, sixty, even sometimes a hundredfold.  Do we look at what we are doing as seed that will ALWAYS, without fail, bring forth a crop – a multiplied crop, no less?  I know I don’t!

Is this why it’s so important that we not be hearers only?  Is it because as we do His Word in the earth, there is an increase – a harvest that is going to bring forth more than we “did”?  Will one act of ministering to an orphan produce a crop of more orphans receiving ministry?  Will one gift of food feed many?  Jesus did it here on earth with 5 loaves and 2 fish – why would we expect less now?  Why DO we expect less?  I know I do.  Even as I write this, despite having pondered on it for some time now, I am STILL convicted.

What about that seed of impatient words that I spoke to Davenna?  (Oh Lord, make that only a 30 fold return, okay?!!)  What about that seed of time I was able to share with that dear Sister in the Lord?  (Oh FATHER!  Now, THAT would be okay for a 100 fold return) What about the wasted time?  The self discipline I exercised? My time in the Word? My time in prayer for another? …are they ALL seed? Based on what I’m seeing in the Word, I must assume that they are. When I start thinking in these terms, it gives “Lord of the Harvest” a whole new layer of meaning!

Father!  Make me mindful of the seed that I am sowing!  May I be quick to pull up that which will produce a bad crop and replace it with good seed.  May I be generous is sowing good seed, that the harvest of Your goodness might be evident everywhere I go!

4 Responses to “Wisdom for the Gardener”
  1. Michelle says:

    Good stuff, Dawn. Gotta go sow some good seed… (((HUGS))) dear friend.

  2. Loved it! Off to make sure I sow a few seeds of “order” in my house this afternoon. 🙂

  3. javadawn says:

    Thanks Sweets! 🙂

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