Are you still looking?

Ever hear something and no matter what you do, it keeps rattling (dancing, prancing and generally making noise) around in your head?  That happened to me today.  I had no intention of writing a second blog post today…I was reading in Luke chapter 7.  I was reading right along…tra la, tra la, tra  la…and suddenly I was hit by a BRICK BAT!  I have not been able to lay it down – so here it is.

John…the same John who leapt in his mother’s womb at the mere presence of Jesus in His mother’s womb…the same John who baptized Jesus and heard the very voice of God say, “This is My Son, with whom I am well pleased”….the same John whose Kingdom purpose was to prepare the way for Jesus.  THAT John, seemingly because he was in jail, sent his disciples to talk to Jesus.

“Are You the Expected One, or do we look for someone else?”  

OH LORD, how often, because of the circumstances in my life do I ask the same question?  Perhaps not in the same way – but certainly with the same heart.  Basically, John was saying, “Dude, my life here is NOT good.  I was waiting for You to come and rescue me and here I am…in jail, expecting to die.  SO, are You REALLY the one…or should I look for another to rescue me?”   Or perhaps I don’t question WHO You are, my Lord, perhaps I just question if You will do what You have said You will do.  “Will You REALLY provide all my needs, according to Your riches in glory?”

And Father, after John asks His question, what is Jesus’ response?  Does He condemn him?  Berate him?  Disown him?  NO!  His response is one of hope – with His words, He took John’s face and took his eyes off the circumstances that John found himself in and said, (DCV) “John, REJOICE for the Kingdom is at hand….it’s only moments away.  Take your eyes off the things of this kingdom and look only to Mine, where the blind can see again, the lame can walk again, the lepers are made clean again and the deaf can hear again.  And John…My beloved John…even if they DO kill you, in My Kingdom, the dead are being raised again!  Do not fear, there is NOTHING that they can do to you, nothing that you lack – nothing that makes you poor, that My Kingdom – My power – cannot fix.  Nothing.”

And when the messengers of John had left, Jesus began to speak to the crowds about John.  This John who moments before had lost hope and in fear and unbelief sent others to ask….”Are You the Expected One…or must I wait for another?”….the John who needed the love of Jesus to remind him that his life was in His hands and in His Kingdom, there is nothing too great for the King to handle.  That John, Jesus spoke of, and He said, “Among those born of women, there is no one greater.”

And for those of us who are coming many years later, who may have for a moment lost hope or wrestled with fear and unbelief, for us  He said, “Don’t worry – just because you’re not John – just because your Kingdom assignment was not to go before Me and prepare Me a way in the desert – you have nothing to fear, because he who is least in the Kingdom of God is greater than he.  Honor Me as your King – choose My Kingdom and you will be greater.” *

So King Jesus forgive me!  Forgive me for the times I ask in doubt and unbelief “Are You the Expected One?”  for I know –

There IS no other!

*This is not to say that I don’t believe that John has not been elevated in heaven – but just that Jesus is assuring us that in the Kingdom, there is no freeman or slave, no black or white, no “greatest prophet” or us.  While I’m on the subject….just exactly what makes John the greatest prophet of all time….I guess that’s for another time, eh?

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