Are your eyes wide shut?

Once upon a time, in a land somewhat far away and in the very recent past, there lived a man.  This man was a very kind man and everyone in town liked him.  His farm, because it was on the edge of town, seemed the ideal location for keeping watch for enemies of the kingdom.  So, the king had a tower built in amongst his trees, where every day for hours a day, the man would watch for invaders into the land that he loved.

The man was faithful, he would diligently sit in the tower, looking intently all about him for any sign that the enemy was encroaching!  This vigilance went on for many years – with no known enemies sighted.  There were days when the man considered giving up – but he always assured himself that should an attack come, his role would be vital, so he remained on the lookout.

Finally the day DID come, when the town was attacked and it was easily defeated and taken over by their enemies.  The man was taken captive and thrown into prison.  His cell afforded him a clear view of town, where once again he was left to watch – only this time, he watched as the enemies of his beloved community led all the citizens into bondage.

The ties that held them captive kept the citizens from working the land and producing their crops, so it was not long before the people were great with hunger and weak from lack of food.  But the enemies did not relent.  They would not be satisfied until every one of the townspeople either proclaimed fealty to the new kingdom – failure to do so would result in being left to die  – starving and alone.

The nice man watched and mourned from his place in prison, knowing in his heart of hearts that surely this was his fault – and his alone.  He had been the watchman and he had failed.  As the life of the nice man was slipping away, his enemies attended his frail and broken body.  “Please,” he asked “before I die, may I ask but one question?”  “Certainly” he was told.

“How?  How did you get into our town?  How were you able to do this horrid thing?”  “Stealth,” his captor replied, “we came here early, a few at a time.  We changed how we dressed to look more like you, so you would accept us.  We were here for many years before we ever attacked.  You kept looking for something that was obviously different, but by sneaking in a little at a time, you accepted us all and never even put up a fight when the time for us to take over came.”


We, dear Siblings, we live in a world where there are two kingdoms at war.  There is the Kingdom of Life in Christ Jesus and there is the kingdom of sin and death.  We are naive, at best, foolish at worst, to think that those kingdoms are not going to clash and bring about destruction for those who are caught in the middle.  We do not need to be in the middle.  We SHOULD not be in the middle.

It’s time for us to be horrifically honest with ourselves and ask if we have wholly given ourselves over to the Kingdom of Life and if not, why not?  If we have, then are we being faithful to the Kingdom in which we live?  Do we hold His decrees to be of highest import, or do we expect to find some “fudge room” in them?  Does the Word of God hold highest priority in our lives?  Do we bow to it before the opinions of men?  Do we bow to it before the opinions of ourself?!!

I am concerned that we too, will find ourselves in bondage – to the laws and leaders of the kingdom of sin and death – if we will not make certain that we know what a real citizen of the Kingdom is to look, and live, like.  If we do not know the Truth, how will we ever recognize lies?  How will we keep from following a deceiver if we don’t know what we’re looking for?  The lies of the kingdom of sin and death have no hesitation about dressing themselves to look more like us – that doesn’t make them any less a lie!  It only means it’s easier for them to sneak into our thinking and change how we respond to both our King and His Kingdom, let alone one another!

The citizens of the kingdom of our enemy are doomed, unless we rescue them.  For their sake, we must stand firm in the Truth.  When we know and walk in the Truth, then we are able to extend it to, with the expectation that it will set them free, just as we are free.  The hour is late, the enemy is strong, but greater is He that is in us, than he that is in the kingdom of sin and death. There is none like our God and He will never be satisfied with partial fealty – and why should He be?

There is none like You, O LORD; You are great, and great is Your name in might. Who would not fear You, O King of the nations? Indeed it is Your due! For among all the wise men of the nations and in all their kingdoms, there is none like You. But they are altogether stupid and foolish in their discipline of delusion–their idol is wood!

2 Responses to “Are your eyes wide shut?”
  1. Great analogy, Dawn. I wonder how many of us are like that kind man who didn’t see the enemy’s infiltration until it was “too late.” It’s funny how religion can look like faith and suffocate you and your family! May the Lord give us eyes to see and ears to hear and hearts of understanding.

  2. javadawn says:

    That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto us the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him!!!!!

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