Some of our dear friends are poised to make a move eight hours away.  It makes me sigh deeply.  The move they are making is one that will surely bless their family. It is to a beautiful part of the country.  It is a good move for his career. But, as for sharing daily life, in general, it stinks.  (sad, gentle smile)

The college the husband will be working with, however, didn’t make up their mind and offer him the job until just shy of two weeks ago.  Now, they want he and his family of seven all packed, moved and settled in, ready for dad to begin work on the 9th of August.

Because time is so short, our friends have a very clear plan to accomplish all that needs to be done.  They know that their time is very limited and they have been faithful and diligent to consider all the details demanding their attention, as well some of those little things that they simply desire to do, before leaving the area.  They have it all orchestrated and are moving ahead – with singleness of focus!  All they need to accomplish it is the loving support and help of friends and family who are willing to ask, “What can we do?”

Sitting at my kitchen table, listening to my friend share her to-do list, and making notes of what we can do, I am wholly taken….does Jesus have such a list?  He is soon to be making His move – He has things that need to be done, as well, I am certain,  things that He simply desires to accomplish.

Have I, I wonder, become anesthetized to Jesus’ imminent return, having heard it my whole life?  The concept that we all have a Kingdom assignment is not foreign, as I think of it often, especially as we work to train up our children.  This question is different.  This is a matter of aching to know what things are on the heart of my Lord.  When He looks upon the earth, from His heavenly seat, what makes His heart beat faster…what fills Him with desire and longing? What is on HIS to-do list?  Oh how I want to have His eyes, His ears and His heart for this place we call home.

Are You, my Beloved Savior simply waiting for someone to ask….”What can we do?”   I ask.


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