Doin’ what you’re told

“Abigail! I told you to put that book down and get over here and pick this stuff up.  Do it now.  Abigail, did you hear me?  I’m going to count to three….(cue threatening, angry music).  One…………………………………………..Two……………………Did you hear me?  I’m counting to three.  Three and ONLY three.  I’m not cutting you any slack this time.  I’m on two – there’s only one more number.  I SAID only THREE!  Did you hear me?  ABIGAIL!!!  Okay, I’m counting to three.  One…….Two…….. ABIGAIL!!!”  This little game went on for close to five minutes, at which time the mom picked up the mess that Abigail had left sitting on the table in the Children’s section of our local library.

For the most part, when we Mum types tell our kiddos to do something –  we rawther expect them to do it.  How bizarre is that?  I mean when I say to one of my chillens, “Hey! Go make your bed.”  My expectation is that they will get up off their duff and…(drum roll?) make their bed.  Ditto the dishes.  School work. Chores. Make  a pot of coffee for their Dear Mum.  😉   I expect that they will do what I have asked them to.

What if, in response to my request, they were to turn around and ask me to do the work that I have just told them to do?

Now, I don’t mean being dishonoring in their request or refusing to do it, I just mean in all humility having them turn to me and saying, “I can’t do this.  I’m sorry Mom, the bed is too big and I can’t do it. I need you to do it for me.”  I would first of all check for a fever and when they weren’t sick, I would ask if they were in pain somewhere.  Provided they responded in the negative, we’d be having a serious discussion.

I would want to understand why in the world they were giving me such a silly excuse.  I would try to be compassionate to their thinking, which was obviously OFF, and help them see what a ridiculous response this was.  I would not be asking them to do more than I had already trained them to do.  I would not be asking them to do something that they were incapable of doing.

Why then, when the Lord says to us, “Do not fear!” do we think that means HE is going to do the work of our not fearing?  I understand (probably more than most people) how destructive and paralyzing fear is!  I have been so afraid in my life, that I have had to go back to bed, because I simply could not bear the weight of fear and the responsibilities of the day.

It’s time that we, as the Body of Christ, embrace the truth that fear is a sin.  We are commanded to not do it.  It is the opposite of faith and we know, from the Word, that without faith it is impossible to please our God.  Fear is a sin.  While I would like so much to tell you that it’s a natural response and that you’re just a victim to it, I would only be leaving you in bondage to the clutches of fear in your life if I did.

Yes, I really said EMBRACE – allow me to clarify…..

If you see yourself a victim to fear’s torment, by the very definition of victim, you are left without any means by which to “fight back.”  Victims do not and can not fight back.  They are ONLY left to endure the brutality of their tormentor, until they either die or the tormentor bores of his torment and stops.  Victims are never more than people left to grovel on the floor, seeing their tyrant as their god, bowing to their superior strength and power over the victim.

Is that who WE are in Christ Jesus?  What is the posture of groveling on the floor, bowing to someone’s superior strength and power? Worship!  (Wrongly – but it’s worship none the less!)  Our God has called us to have no other gods before Him – we can be CERTAIN that He meant fear most of all!

So, what should our response to fear be?  We should know who we are in Christ Jesus – we should know the power that He has placed in us.  He died on the Cross, that we  might not be left on this earth victim to the power of the enemy.  That was NEVER His plan – He had already been there, done that with Adam and knew how destructive that was.  When the Second Adam came, He did not leave us as orphans!  He empowered us to deal with the enemy!

Dear one, do not bow your knee in worship to fear another day.  Grasp the Truth of who you are in Christ Jesus and the power that resides in you.  Hold fast to the Truth of God and know that He that is in you is greater than he that is tormenting you, from the world.  There is none like our God!

PS Soon I’m going to talk about Covenant.  I have spent the last 6? 8? 12? months studying what Covenant is and what the Word has to say about it.  Understanding Covenant is understanding the perfect love that our Father has for us – fear can’t stand in light of it!!!  It’s the ultimate fear buster!

PPS Need some good Scriptures to get you started?

Read: John 14 – especially verses in the 17 – 20 range

Luke 10:19 – notice the use of the word A.L.L.

Romans 8

Galatians 4

If you need more – holler, I can fill you with verses ALL day long! 🙂   🙂  (There ARE a few to glean from, after all)   😉


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