Is you in or is you of?

I should have known better.  I should have known better.  I should have known better!  I spent MONTHS (months and months and months) of praying, studying, praying, reading, praying and planning to get our homeschool plan.  Why would I get caught up in the “pre-school” flurry of ideas and plans?  Why would I think that there might be something I could “tweak” about our system to improve upon it?

But, I didn’t.  I wandered away, like a discontented housewife with her sofa, to check out what was over there….”just in case.”  *shakes head*  You know…the “I want to be open to whatever the Lord has for us.  This could be it.  I better go look, just in case, ” syndrome.  I certainly didn’t find what I expected, but what I did find upset me even more than my own folly.  

What I found was 150 comments made by moms who have no idea what they are planting in the ground of their children’s hearts!  I found 150 comments showing that these Mums, despite giving their entire lives over to educating their children – no mean feat!!  – were doing so, without an accurate Biblical world view.  I read 150 comments that concerned me more for the homeschooling community like little else I’ve read!

These dear, precious Mums are selflessly giving all that they are and all that they have to educate their children. They want  SO much for their kids, but they aren’t stopping and looking at the seed that is in their hand that they are so eagerly planting into the hearts of their children.  They are pressing ahead, believing that they are doing a good thing!

If those Mums were OF the world, it might be a fine thing.  It might even make them stand out from the rest of the crowd, as people who excel. BUT, they AREN’T of the world, they are only IN the world.  They should not look like, smell like, speak like or most of all THINK like the world.

God has called us apart.  He has told us to renew our minds – there is a reason for this.  It is essential that we think differently than the world – we are a people with a future because our Lord has redeemed us!  We can not – we MUST not – forget that and embrace the thinking of the world.

When the Lord called the Hebrew children into the desert, they were out of Egypt instantly, Egypt however was NOT out of them.  We know this from their response when it came to taking the Promised Land.  If their thinking had already been transformed, so they knew who they were and their covenant position with their King, they would have not been afraid.  As it was, the only thing that they could “see” in their mind, was the Egyptian chariots chasing them, as they left.  They were still thinking like the old kingdom that they had left. They needed to shift their thinking, and in so doing, change their kingdom alliance.

WHEN WE THINK LIKE THIS WORLD, WE ALIGN OURSELVES TO THE KINGDOM OF THIS WORLD!!  Our Lord refers to this kingdom as one run by the law of sin and death.  We must not align ourselves with it,  “For the nation and the kingdom which will not serve You will perish.”  THIS is why Father is so adamant that we preach the Gospel to every nation!  He longs to see them saved out of this destruction!  He is their only hope – He is the Light OF the world.

I adjure you this day, to stop and ask the Lord if you are in this world or if you have allowed yourself to become of this world.  For, there is a day coming when IN the world we will have tribulation. If we have not transformed our thinking, we will not understand that Jesus has already over come the world and we will allow the world to over come us.  When that happens, it will be too late.


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