Have a drink!

“But Mom, I had water last night, I don’t need water this morning,” she said, crazy curls all over her wee head.  “Silly bean!  Your body used up all the water you drank last night.  OF COURSE you need more water this morning,” while handing her her ballerina cup.

Our spirits are no different.  Yesterday’s challenges used up yesterday’s living water.  This morning, refill your well and make certain to spend time in the Word and with your Lord.  He has things for you to do today, for His Kingdom and for your good. You ARE His body. Feed upon Him to prepare yourself – spirit, soul and body – to be ready to tackle them.  We can do nothing apart from Him.

(Quick signs of spiritual dehydration: confusion, irritation, lack of love, feeling overwhelmed and a lack of grace for yourself or for others. Let’s NOT discuss how I know these so well.)   😕

2 Responses to “Have a drink!”
  1. javadawn says:

    🙂 No problem Tiff – you can return the favor on another day. 🙂

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