As a Mum of a goodly few, as a woman called to work with her husband, and home school and help a daughter establish her own business – somehow I can get lost in all the hats that I am to wear and I can easily find the call of the Lord for my life – who I am and what I’m called to do – getting buried under one hundred other diddly things.

If you’re like me, take heart! Joseph, in prison, was holding fast to a vision that the Lord had given him of who he was and what he was called to do.  BUT, his vision was that of his brothers and father bowing down to him.  Going to Egypt wasn’t like driving a few hours to catch some great sale at Macy’s.  It was a foreign country.  The very ones that Joseph expected to bow to him were further away than just beyond the jail walls – they were in another nation!

YET, Joseph held fast.  He REFUSED to lose sight of the promise that God had given to him.

Dear Sister, we can not see – we can not imagine –  what all our life holds, from this place of perspective.  Our loving Lord is orchestrating EVERY (say that out loud – EVERY) detail of our life perfectly and it’s our job, no matter what, to HOLD ON!  So, if you’re struggling this afternoon to keep on, keeping on – think of Joseph – in fact, go read about him (Genesis 37 – 46-ish and Psalm 105 – ESPECIALLY read verse 19!) I am certain you will find fresh strength to keep holding on for a while longer!

4 Responses to “HOLD ON!”
  1. Pam in Colorado says:

    I agree. I also caution one to be sure that what one takes on is “of God” and not just another project of our own making. Not that all other projects are of no worth, but they may interfere with our calling. How to know the difference?.. that is the question.

    • javadawn says:

      Pam, Agreed, not all projects are equal. How to know the difference…what comes to mind is such a simple basic answer, it almost sounds like I’m being trite – we know because we are abiding and in relationship with Father.

      I know Jeff well. I can tell by looking at him whether he is tired or annoyed or discouraged or delirious. I know this because I have spent time with him. Lots of it. Same goes for our r’ship with Father – when we spend time with Him, we know Him and we know His heart. Obedience becomes much easier. 🙂

      (Just my .02 worth before I fall asleep at my laptop.) 😛

  2. Donna Yoder says:

    Thank you DAWN! Going to read these passages tonight and tomorrow. 🙂

    • javadawn says:

      🙂 Hey You! I’m writing to you, even as you are writing to me. I have erased it three times, as I try to make my thoughts appropriate for human consumption. Why is it that after all these years of homeschooling, I still have a difficult time communicating the fullness of my heart concerning it? (I think it is because we are entering a new season with Davenna. I’m going to blame it on that, anyway. LOL)

      I am so utterly passionate about training up children ready for Kingdom use, that I can hardly stand it. I could care less (okay, I COULD care less and I could care somewhat more…kind of) whether or not they EVER attain to success as normal people might measure it. I just want to make certain that we do everything we can to position them in their perfect Kingdom place, so that they are able to have the fullness of God’s grace, anointing and provision.

      Does that make any sense at all?!!! 😕

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