They heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day….they.  Not just one person, but more than one, they.  They, of course being Adam and Ishshah.  Not Eve, for up to this point Adam’s only nomenclature for her is “woman.”  (Just like a man – names all the animals first and doesn’t even come up with a name for his wife!!  Good grief)    😉    😉  

First of all, I find the name of the woman VERY interesting.  Ish is the Hebrew word for man.  (Some time do a study on this word alone – it’s outstanding!  Sorry…digression)  When God saw Adam, He declared that it was not good for man to be alone, so He created a helpmeet suitable for him.  God created her to bring completion and perfection to His jewel of creation.  God is Perfection and she is His handiwork – and so He added Himself to her name.  (Like AbraHAm or SarHA)  She became IshHA.  This causes me to wonder if the special names Father has for us in heaven all have HA included in them.

Secondly, I find it fascinating that they both know what it sounds like to hear God walking in the Garden in the cool of the day.  This would indicate that this wasn’t the first time He had done that.  So, why is it that when questioned about the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, Ishshah had a wrong understanding about it?  Was Adam impatient with her?  Did he just throw a general, “Just don’t touch the tree” her way to keep from having to explain it to her?  Was she so busy watching something beautiful in the Garden when he told her, that she didn’t listen well?  Did Adam not listen well when God told him?  Did she just blow off the serpent with her answer, because she didn’t feel like explaining it to him?  How is it that this one statement got so twisted in Ishshah’s mind?  Which immediately begs the question, what things has Father said in  MY life that are twisted in my mind?

Lastly I find it incredibly fascinating to look up the phrase “cool of the day.”  There is no other place that phrase is used in the KJV, NIV or ESV.  BUT in the NASB, it is used again in Song of Solomon.  The Lord coming to meet Adam and his wife warrants terminology that is used in the most intimate book of Scripture.  It makes me smile to have the Father’s great love for us reinforced in my thinking in that way.

Side note, because it wasn’t used in those other versions, I went to read what words they used in those Song of Solomon verses instead – they were all talking about early morning – or as in the ESV when “the day breathes.” (Now, isn’t THAT cool?!!)  It’s fascinating to me that my previous “picture” of God walking with Adam in the cool of the day was later in the evening – when or as the sun was setting.  FOR ME it only solidifies the idea that Father is eagerly waiting to meet with me in the early morning.  He is waiting for the first fruits of my day.

One final tidbit for you – the title of this blog is the Hebrew word for pondering.  It’s pronounced See HAkh.  God’s people knew that they could not even think deeply about things without His direct involvement.  Siyach that!  🙂


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