Seek First the Kingdom

So, we’re days away from the new year….  What could be a more valuable or incredible thing to give yourself than some transformed thinking and renewed (maybe just new?) passion for the Word of God?

For the past few months, Jeff and I have been working on writing a Bible study, with the goal of being transformed by the renewing of our minds AND helping our siblings to transform their minds, as well.

You’re wondering, maybe, why I’m telling you this?  We are looking for people who would be willing to volunteer to participate with us in this free study.  We need people who are ready to start thinking more like Kingdom seekers instead of world wallowers.  Jesus clearly states that He is not of the world and in order to be like Him, we need to shake off the way of the world and passionately seek the Kingdom instead.  This study will help you refocus your attention wholly on the Kingdom and off yourself and off the world.

If  this is something that you would like to hear more about, please email me (stromata9 at gmail dot com) with Seek First the Kingdom in the subject line. I will send you all kinds of information explaining what to expect, what we will provide you and what we are asking of you.  We are SO certain that this will change your life, that we’re willing to put a double your money back guarantee on it.   😉  😉

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