Just Askin’

Since the Lord has just opened the heavens and blessed Danica’s business, we have had many interesting discussions with other parents about their children and the goals that their children (or they themselves) have.   I’m sure it will come as no great surprise that I have an opinion about our children and their choices for their future.  So, I’m guessing it won’t surprise you to hear that I have a few opinions on what defines success in their lives, as well.

I’ve had lots of parents share their goals for their kids with me.  They all sound pretty much the same.  They want them happy, responsible, provided for and secure.

What, you might wonder, is wrong with those answers?  Don’t we want those things for our kids?  You know what?  I’m all for happy responsible kids. But here’s my question – is this how God defines success?  When we encourage our kids to choose their life path based on how the world defines success, isn’t there something seriously wrong?

Do our kids belong to the world or do they belong to God? If they belong to God, then shouldn’t His definition of success direct their decisions?  How does God define success?  If we don’t know the answer to that question, how will we know when we or our children have achieved it?  Just askin’ is all…

2 Responses to “Just Askin’”
  1. Pam in Colorado says:

    To fulfill God’s plan for our lives would be success. Finding His plan for our lives is the turning point toward that success. For some, the plan seems very obvious, for others it seems almost impossible. Still working that out with some of my kids. 😉

  2. javadawn says:

    Pam!!!! OH MY STARS!!! How did I miss your comment? I’m so sorry!

    You know what? I’m getting to the point that I think *I* am who/what makes things hard to figure out. :/

    Praying for you and your kiddos to hear/know/see with ease! 🙂

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