Prodded – big time!

So…I’m reworking this week’s lesson from the “Seek First the Kingdom” Bible study.   It’s about faith.  Easy work, eh?  Just “editing” work, right? Since this study was the fruit of several years intense training by the Holy Spirit, I’m thinking I’m going to just blow through the lesson, unfazed.  (??? Unfazed by the LIVING … Continue reading

Good smellin’ stuff

Today is cooking day at my house. Tomorrow we will add the smell of turkey baking, but today we’ll be cooking dessert and sides, all of which means the whole house will be smelling GOOD! Funny thing about smells, isn’t it…they are incredibly adept at triggering vivid memories!  One whiff of Tabu and I am … Continue reading

You are unqualified

There you have it.  First thing on a Monday morning, someone is telling you you’re not qualified to live your life out this week. You lack wisdom. You lack money. You lack creativity.  You lack drive.  You lack clarity.  You lack strength.  You lack looks.  You lack talent.  You lack skills. You lack vision.  You … Continue reading

Precious Heirlooms

This Thanksgiving, we will have new guests at our table.  My Mom’s dishes.   When my Dad received his promotion to heaven this summer, they came to live with us. Growing up, I remember my Grandmother’s Thanksgiving table with crystal clarity.  I know exactly which dishes were used for what.  I know exactly which bowl … Continue reading

Talking to your self

They were seasoned fisherman, they were quite skilled at what they did and yet…they were scared.  I don’t mean that they were concerned, I mean they were freaking out! The storm was raging around them while their Master slept in the boat, on a pillow no less.  Mark does an exceptional job of describing the … Continue reading

Stop in the name of Love! :)

We have a path that goes around one side of our house.  It was not a planned part of our landscape, but it is no less a part of our yard.  The path was created by our dog, Lucy.  She walks the same path day in and day out and by doing so, she has … Continue reading


We weren’t married very long.  He really wanted gravy on his mashed potatoes.  I really wanted to please him. So, I attempted it.  For the first time.  With sausage.  Turkey sausage.  Yeah.  Wallpaper paste would likely taste better!  I know school glue did – it, at least, tasted like wintergreen.   😉 Yesterday was, in … Continue reading

Them’s fightin’ words!!

So, I finish up posting my blog about wanting to make certain that I leave this mortal coil having given all that I could to advance the Kingdom of God and I have a friend share a link with me of an interview with Bono and Bill Hybels. ‎”We must bring heaven to earth – … Continue reading

Bumped, bruised and blistered and it’s all good!!

Last week, the culmination of almost a year’s work came to an end.  We spent the week helping prepare for the National Bible Bee Finals. Whenever I pour my all-in-all into something, and it ends, there is a measure of let down. However, this time it’s slightly different for me – it’s hard to capture and … Continue reading