Bumped, bruised and blistered and it’s all good!!

Last week, the culmination of almost a year’s work came to an end.  We spent the week helping prepare for the National Bible Bee Finals.

Whenever I pour my all-in-all into something, and it ends, there is a measure of let down. However, this time it’s slightly different for me – it’s hard to capture and put under the microscope, to discover exactly what strain of loss I’m experiencing, but I recognize what genus it’s from – the Kingdom.

We spent the week pouring ourselves out, wholly focused on the Kingdom of God – His Word at the very core!  Every blister, every bruise, every aching joint was a joy.  Each of them meant that there was no part of us that we had not laid down on behalf of the Kingdom.  We would have given more, if we could!  AND when all the dust settled and when everyone went to bed at 3 am on Sunday morning, there were no regrets – we had held back nothing!

We are coming to a place in time where anything shy of giving our all for the Kingdom will be insufficient.  Our Lord God has an agenda – and that agenda is reaching the world with His Gospel. We each have a role in His agenda!! When the heavenlies part from horizon to horizon and the King of Glory steps through – I don’t want to exit here with any fewer bumps, bruises or blisters than I had this past week.  This means I must live so that nothing is more important than the Kingdom – all Kingdom, all the time.


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