Talking to your self

They were seasoned fisherman, they were quite skilled at what they did and yet…they were scared.  I don’t mean that they were concerned, I mean they were freaking out!

The storm was raging around them while their Master slept in the boat, on a pillow no less.  Mark does an exceptional job of describing the situation for us.  (Chapter 4, to be specific – join me – verse 34)  The boat was filling up with water from the intensity of the waves and yet, Jesus slept.

What had Jesus said to them before He went to sleep?  Mark tell us He said, “Let’s go the other side.”  So, they KNEW what Jesus’ plan was.  That alone should have been a good indication to them that they would arrive safely, but fear of the storm had taken over and they obviously weren’t thinking too straight.

Out of their great fear, the disciples woke Jesus up, “Master, don’t You CARE for us?  Don’t You love us?  How can You sleep through this?  We’re in danger of losing our ship and our  lives!  You MUST wake up and rescue us!”  Jesus wakes up – seemingly unphazed – addresses the storm and it stops.  In an instant.

When all has settled, Jesus turns and looks at His disciples.  “Why are you so fearful?”

Don’t blow past this!  This is a huge life lesson for us!

The disciples were frightened beyond all reason.  They had slipped into panic mode.  Ever been there?  All they could think about was the storm and the depth of danger they believed themselves to be in.  Jesus’ response should be OUR response to fear in our lives.  We should ask ourselves, “Self, why are you so fearful?”  Make yourself answer that question.  I think, if you’re like me, the answer will be very enlightening!


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