Precious Heirlooms

This Thanksgiving, we will have new guests at our table.  My Mom’s dishes.   When my Dad received his promotion to heaven this summer, they came to live with us.

Growing up, I remember my Grandmother’s Thanksgiving table with crystal clarity.  I know exactly which dishes were used for what.  I know exactly which bowl held the cranberry sauce, the sweet potatoes and the mashed potatoes. I know which plates and bowls were used and that the “marble glasses” held our cranberry juice.  Always.  That’s just how it was…but ONLY at Thanksgiving.

Even though I was plenty old enough, neither Mom nor Grandma would allow me to help with the dinner dishes, until we got to the “safe” ones – the pans. (Blech) I would sit and watch the dishwater catch the light and sparkle like diamonds and for once in my young life, I WANTED to help with dishes. But, I was not allowed, as it was a job for the “professionals.”

I have been wondering….how often have we let the preciousness of something keep us from interacting with it in “real life”?

You know, most of us approach the Word much differently than we would any other book.  We limit in some ways, how we read it, because in the back of our minds, we believe that it’s a book so precious – so very, very special – that really, it’s a bit more for the professionals, rather than our limited selves.

So, when we read stories in the Bible, we don’t read it as we would a recounting of any other story. Because of its value to us, it becomes almost an ethereal thing. When that happens, we don’t REALLY read (and therefore remember) the things that are there.  Perhaps we miss that the father of the Prodigal Son gave money to BOTH his sons.  Perhaps we miss that David became like the very man he was fleeing from. Because we see it in a “holy light” we don’t read it the same way we would say…a mystery.**

This year as you are preparing to pull out your family heirlooms, won’t you take a new look at the most precious one you own?  Consider if you will, that perhaps the time has come to stop relying on the professionals to handle it for you. Don’t wait for Sunday.  Use it on Tuesday…or Saturday.  Use it daily, use it aggressively and use it well.  Don’t worry – you can’t break it.


** Would that I could – I would require every Christian to read the Word of God like a good mystery.  We would pay much more attention to the details and nuances that are there.  We would delve into it with much more fervor and anticipation. We would read it with expectation!!!  But, that’s just me.  🙂



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