Living Amidst POW’s

Growing up I worked in a small neighborhood grocery.  People knew one another by name and it wasn’t unthinkable that if you were going through a hard time that the manager would let you buy on credit – the old fashioned kind, not the card kind – until you were back on your feet.

It’s no surprise then, that everyone knew “Shellshock.”  I hated that name for him. It described what had become of him…not who he had been.  Yet every time I would ask him for his name, that’s all he would tell me.  It’s also what he would tell me when I told him how much his groceries came to, when I asked if I had the right kind of cigarettes or if he wanted me to help him open his wine or if he was angry at me for trying to sneak a bar of soap into his bag.  “Shellshock” is what the kids would taunt him with and “Shellshock,” I have no doubt, is what his nightmares would torture him with.

“Shellshock” wasn’t always like this – he used to be a happy young man, engaged even – as the rumors went – before he left for war.  But one brutal war and a stint as a POW left him a shocked, shell of a man who found nothing to be as it was before he was taken captive by the enemy. His attempt to return to that normal life was now a whole new battle for him to fight – one he could not win alone.

Whenever I read Mark 5, I think of “Shellshock.”  I see in the demoniac of Gerasene the same broken, damaged shell of a man.  Mark tells us that he CONSTANTLY was seen  – or perhaps just heard – screaming among the tombstones or in the mountains.  “Shellshock” did that – among the tombstones and neighboring houses.  The Gerasene would gash himself with rocks.  “Shellshock” preferred a knife blade.  Yet…..

YET one encounter with our Lord and the Gerasene was seated, clothed and in his right mind.  One encounter with our anointed Head and that captive was set free.

One might not expect that living in the midst of pacifistic Amish country, that you would see too many POWs. But I do.  Every day.  I see them in the library, at the Post Office, even wandering about, screaming in the park. They are broken shells of people who, like “Shellshock” need someone to speak a word, to fight the battle for them.  Someone to set them free.

As His Body, we are called to be about our Father’s business with Him.  Where He went, we are to go as well. His anointing is to become our anointing.  He was sent to set the captives free.

The very word captive means prisoner of war.  Dear one, at the moment man fell, our lives became a battle ground.  A battle we did not choose, a battle we dare not lose!  Daily, there are those who are taken captive by the enemy of our souls.  The need is so very great and the call of our Master grows louder daily – BE MY BODY!! Set My people free!

This weekend, as you prepare to enter a new week, will you join with me and ask that Father would give to us a spirit of wisdom and revelation that we might see for ourselves the POW’s that surround us – the shells of man who so desperately long to be set free?  May we be filled with boldness and compassion to be the Body of our Lord, take up His call and release the captives from this darkness!  And as we do, they too will be like the Gerasene – they will go and tell how much Jesus has done for them and the world will be amazed!

4 Responses to “Living Amidst POW’s”
  1. Danita says:

    “YET one encounter with our Lord and the Gerasene was seated, clothed and in his right mind. One encounter with our anointed Head and that captive was set free.”
    What exactly does that mean? I’ve wondered a lot as of late why those encounters don’t seem to “stick”. Is it not done properly? Thoroughly enough? Why does it not seem to make a bit of difference in me for very long? Why do I still struggle so much internally with the darkness even though I THINK I’ve trusted…THINK I’ve surrendered…THINK I’ve accepted the gift….why does it not set me free?

  2. javadawn says:

    What are you looking to, to set you free, Sweetheart?
    What difference are you looking for this encounter to make in your life? What “evidence” do you need to see, in order to believe that it stuck? What “evidence” are you looking for, to believe that you have been set free?
    (Hopefully you can hear my heart and know I’m not just asking trite questions. I’m sincere – those are important questions to answer for yourself.)

    ((hugs)) my friend!!

  3. Danita says:

    Your heart is always evident to me. For that I am grateful.
    The evidence I seek to know I’ve been set free is feeling it within. People talk about being a Christian like it’s some magical transformation and that while life is far from perfect, the peace and joy within somehow get them through it. Life and love (or even Salvation) are not based on feelings; I know that. I know a lot of things in my head….I just want to feel them in my heart as well. I want to feel like life is worth living.
    I will continue to think about your questions.

  4. javadawn says:

    Here are a couple more for you to add to your pondering…. 🙂 🙂

    Do we know that the Gerasene was transformed? How? (Mark 5, if you want to read the story for yourself.) Go through it – make note of how we can know he was transformed.

    Then look and see what his response to Jesus was…..write it down. It does us good to see the Truth we’re learning written out.

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