I need to be with you….. Part 1

He looked around and while he knew everyone in the crowd, he knew that they did not know him.  He watched the man whose voice entered the cacophony of condemnation and evil and blasphemy that had been his mind – only earlier that day.  He was leaving.  How could he let Him go?!  He had entered into the midst of his mess – his filth – and He cleansed him.

For just a moment he allowed himself to remember.  One moment the voices of Legion were ricocheting off the walls of  his mind and in the next, he could see Him.  The silence of his own head surprised him.  It had been a very long time since the voices were still.  As he watched, the Man walked toward him, a great smile on his face. He sat down very near.  “Hello.  I’m coming.  I’m coming to set you free.”  He remembered the evil laugh that uncontrollably rose up from within – just hearing it caused his stomach to pitch and roll.  “Who do you think you are?  I am Legion.  I will never leave!”  The man smiled and reached out and touched his face, like a mother touching a baby.  “I’m coming.  I’m coming to set you free.”  With that, He was gone.

The noise and the push of the people caused reality to seep back in and he realized that the Man and His men were heading toward their boat.  He ran to Him – “Please, may I go with You?  I need to be with You!”  The Man turned and looked deep within him –  again, the same hand touched the side of his face.  “Not this time.  You need to stay…you need to be with them.  They need you to tell them that there is hope for captives.  They need to know that when the Lord has set someone free, they are free indeed.  They need to be with you – they need to hear what I have done for you.  Stay…stay and tell of the mercy your heavenly Father has shown you.”

With that, He was gone.  As he watched Him sail away, he realized he was afraid.


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