There are moments in life…..

Have you ever been outside, at night, in the thick of a heavy snowfall?  You stand in the middle of the road, with the snow falling all about you….  The snow does something weird to the sounds, grabbing them before they can become full grown, smothering them with its fluffiness.  The light does something wonky, too.  There is nothing like it.  It seems unreal. It is as though the cars and all the people have disappeared and in that moment in life, the whole world slips into snow-speed.

I live in a little town. When I say little town, I mean little town.  We live in a community where you either know one another by which soft ball team you play for, possibly your name, or your face but likely than any of the others,  who your relatives were to at least the third generation.

Last week one of our local librarians had an aneurysm.  This past Saturday, she passed away.  Today, our community honored her place in our lives – in our town.  Being a librarian for almost 25 years is long enough to qualify as a founding….well, mother.  🙂   As we all considered the part she played in our lives – in the lives of our children – it seems unreal…in that moment in life, the whole world slipped into snow-speed.

Good bye Rose.  You will be GREATLY missed.

2 Responses to “There are moments in life…..”
  1. Bobbie says:

    Wow! I did not hear. Which librarian died? We really don’t go to the library much but we use to. We have to pay a yearly fee to use it and so we read the books we have here instead. Anyway. That is so sad to hear.

  2. javadawn says:

    Bobbie, Rose worked upstairs. I’m sure you met her – she’s been there so long. She is the one that had the most beautiful antique ring. EVERYONE commented on it. 😀 She was about my height and had shortish dark hair (okay – as a friend’s kids say – shiny 😉 meaning touches of gray) with glasses.

    It’s hitting the community hard enough the library was closed all day today!

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