We’ll leave the (fire) light on for you!

The campfire is always in the same place.  It’s always the same clearing.  We’re always around a campfire.  Rarely, but there has been a couple friends with us once or twice – but the actions are always still the same.  We’ve just eaten, we’re enjoying hot, fragrant coffee, we’re laughing and preparing to roast marshmallows, when all of a sudden “they” arrive.

They come in from the tree line looking tired and a bit bedraggled.  We go and meet them – it’s as if we have been waiting just for them. We bring them near and we share our fire, our conversation and our food with them.  I don’t know how long they are there for, but I know it’s more than one night.  When their time with us is done, they look refreshed and strengthened and we walk them to a trail head where we send them on their way with prayers and hugs.

Not every family goes to the same trail head.  Not every family is a traditional family. (The other night, there was a Dad, his mother and his three kids.) It’s obvious to me, but I can’t tell you why, that each family  stays as long as they need to, not any predetermined length of time.  We seem to talk about different things with each family.  (I never hear the conversations – I only see them and watch us interacting and praying together.)  There is hardly ever more than one family per night.

This is the dream that I have had off and on for the past five years.  It stopped for a while, but in the last few days, it’s begun again.  I can’t explain it.  I don’t know who the families are.  I don’t even know what all we’re talking about – other than I know that we’re discussing the Word, because while we’re talking, I’m always flipping through my Bible….that and throwing my arms about. (Natch…to both)

So, here is my question for you….if you were the family coming in out of the woods and the dark – hungry and weary – what would you want to talk about, as we sit about our warm campfire?  What issues, as a family, are weighing most heavily on you at this hour?!

4 Responses to “We’ll leave the (fire) light on for you!”
  1. Linda says:

    Very thought provoking imagery and question!! Not something I could answer without thinking about it for a moment…

    The Lord has done a work of wonder in our family over the last year. I would want to share the Lord’s faithfulness and mercy. Then I would share what is on my heart. It is a burden when I take it back but not when I give it back to the Lord. I trust His timing and that He is at work in ways I cannot see.

    Thanks for sharing, Linda

  2. javadawn says:

    Linda, isn’t it amazing how our wonderful, amazing Father works in our lives. When we’re not even looking, He does something OUTSTANDING and all we can do is gasp at His handiwork!

    I’ll tell you what, Darlin’ should you ever feel up to sharing a fire, we’d be delighted to sit around and hear what all the Lord is doing and what He is calling your dear family to! (We know the tiny we can see is….breathtaking! I can’t imagine what Father’s view is like!) 😀 😀

    Thank YOU for visiting! 🙂

  3. Valerie says:

    I feel fed every time I read/speak to you about anything and it is always about the Word. I would love for my family to sit at the fire with yours and wallow in the Word 🙂 We would find many things to talk about. I seriously think that this is a ministry for your family and that you do it in little ways everyday.

  4. javadawn says:

    Valerie….my goodness, you humble me! I certainly don’t feel that I come ready to feed anyone on any regular basis – SO, if that is indeed happening, all we can do is look to Father and give thanks – because I sure don’t think it’s anything I’ve pulled off on my own!! (AND it’s better that way, anyway!) 🙂

    As for finding many things to talk about 😀 it would be fun to find out what all, huh? 🙂

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