Just one thing

The counter was full of dirty dishes, I’m SURE!  The floor likely sticky – all those grapes?  (YOU ever make grape juice?! Yeah.  That’s what I’m saying.)  There were people all about – her reputation on the line.  All in all, it was a very stressful day.

Coming out of the “kitchen” to set a bowl filled with dates on the table, while Jesus was talking – knowing that she had to get right back in there to stir the lentils and take the bread out of the oven….she saw her.  Her co-worker sitting on the floor – first of all a woman in the midst of all those men – but also HELLO?!!! sitting!!!  Martha hadn’t been able to sit down for hours and it would be hours more until she could.  Is it any wonder she was prime for the enemy to stir disunity in her?

Now, I’ve always imagined that Martha finally hit the breaking point, marching out into her well decorated dining area and just LOSING IT!  I mean throwing down the hot pad, stamping her foot and pointing her judgmental and angry finger at Mary, “Lord! Don’t You care?  Don’t You care that I’m in here working myself to the bone, while my lazy sister is sitting out here at Your feet, doing nothing?!!  Tell her to get her little hinney into this kitchen and help me, would Ya?!!”  This, of course, leaving Christ no option but to correct her publicly.

What if…..

What if our Savior, knew of her irritation?  What if He came into the cooking area,  specifically to give her the opportunity to speak to Him?  Isn’t that a more likely reflection of His loving heart?  Isn’t that a more likely reflection of His anointing to set captives free? One right there in His midst was being held captive by her own emotions – would He not seek her out to set her free?

Scripture says she “came to Him” – so I looked it up – it means “used especially of someone coming upon someone suddenly.”  I can see that, can’t you?  Jesus stepped outside – that is most likely where the cooking area would have been – Martha continued to busy herself – He stood there stretching and looking around, leaning against a post of the house near one of the jugs of water and suddenly she just CAME UPON Him! Can you hear the whispered yet staccato words?  Can you see her motioning in frustration and anger and bitterness toward the house where Mary sat?  Can you see her flushed cheeks and angry eyes?

Could it be, rather than the censure that I have always imagined, there was instead an intimate Savior, drawing near, His wood worn hand cupping her flushed face, “Martha….dear Martha, you are fussing about so much!  You and your family have been with Me for some time.  You have seen Me – is there REALLY anything that should fill you with such dismay as all this?  There is only ONE thing that is needful.”  Can you see the weight starting to lift off of her?  Can you see the tears forming on her lashes?  “What do You mean ONE thing?  Have you not seen all those people in there?  They’re hungry! I HAVE to feed them.”

Then,our Savior…the Lamb who is in the midst of the throne who will shepherd the people and lead them to living fountains of water…can you see Him taking a ladle and giving her a drink?  Then as He wiped the tears from her cheek, “I am the ONE thing sweet Martha.  I will not always be with you.  Come, sit at My feet, learn of Me. These that are here – these that hunger are Mine. I am the Bread of life.  It is I who will feed them, not you.”

Today, as I’m being tempted to fuss about so much, when instead, I should be looking at my situation and saying, “I have seen Him – is there REALLY anything that should fill me with such dismay as all this? There is only ONE thing that is needful…”  I couldn’t help but think of my sister Martha and how His grace demanded she see the situation differently.  I hope that you, with me, will find that it arrests you and causes you to ask…is there REALLY anything that should fill me with such dismay as all this, when I have already seen HIM?!!!!!

(I realize that I’ve taken liberty with the story.  But, there is so much that is left unanswered and too often, I find that I fill in those pieces of the story with my own the picture of Christ, even if it’s wrong.  As my understanding of the Word and of my Lord changes, I find that the way I see Him interacting with the people changes, as well.  As I grow in my knowledge of His unending and TOTALLY unearned grace, I see Him responding with more and more of it in the Scriptures. So rather than allowing myself to be tempted to see the issues in my life without His grace, I decided to tell myself the story with His usual grace upon grace upon grace upon grace being shown.  All the glory still goes only to Him, as He does not change. His standard for righteousness never changes.  He never lowers His requirements for holiness.  Instead, He has clothed me in HIS righteousness, allowing me to find His loving grace, rather than wrath!  What a wonderful Savior He is!)

2 Responses to “Just one thing”
  1. Michelle says:

    Beautiful picture, Dawn.

  2. javadawn says:

    Thank you my friend! Wish I could take credit for it. 🙂

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