Danger Will Robinson! Danger!

Robot (if he had another name, I was never aware of it) was Will Robinson’s companion, a constant attendant to keep Will from getting into trouble or danger of any kind.  He would roll along with Will or Judy and warn them of any impending danger or concerns that he might have, any time he saw that they were straying from the path of safety his little arms would flip around and he would announce loudly that they should stop and make an immediate change.  And rightfully so – for that evil Dr. Smith was always trying to get them into trouble.  (He WAS a secret agent, you know.)

Lassie, on the other hand, is a totally different story!  Although much better to look at, Lassie didn’t do anything per se to keep Timmy from getting into trouble.  Lassie had more of the tattle-tale mentality.  She would wait until Timmy did something dumb – AGAIN – then she would run home and tell someone.  “Bark, bark, bark-bark!”  (Which we all knew meant something like, “He did it again! I heard him with my own ears!  Right before he fell in the well, he said, “Hey guys…watch this!”)

Now, the looks issue aside, which type of guardian would you want?  The kind that goes with you and sets off an alarm when you’re about to head into a situation that would endanger your life or one that just points and makes a lot of noise when you get yourself in trouble?  (And puts dog spit in your face, acting all chummy, when you’re out of trouble.)

At the risk of making a very telling remark, for many years I have seen Father’s giving of the Law to be a matter of assigning us a Lassie. I saw it to be something that would point at my failure, my inability to maintain it and then bark – a lot…and loudly.  Possibly even bite me.  But, recently, the more I grow in my knowledge of Him, the more the old traditions I have believed fall away, I find I am seeing the Law a lot more like Robot.

For the first time, I’m able to look at the Law and say, “Our Lord established the Law out of His great love for the people, not to see them beaten and condemned by the Law, but rather to have it become an alarm to show them when they were walking in danger.” Under the old covenant – every day, every action and every word was a choice between life and death.   How loving of our Abba to give His children a law that would walk beside them, and every time someone leaned toward death, it would shout, “Danger! Danger!”

The more time I spend with Him, in His Word, the more I find that my understanding of His heart for His people is tainted.   It leans toward judgment and condemnation.  Yet, when I read Hebrews, I fall on my face anew to realize that His desire is and always has been to have a people for Himself.  A people who would draw near with a full assurance of faith – not fear of being bitten.

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