The Key!

Do NOT miss this blog.  I’m serious.  I mean REALLY serious.  It’s that good.

Mr. Tchividjian communicates the Gospel ELOQUENTLY!  I LOVELOVELOVE his statement: Jesus plus nothing equals everything.

We willingly believe that at the Passover, the angel of death passed over the homes of the Jewish people, with only the swiping of blood on the door posts of the house and yet, when it comes to the Son of God – the TRUE Lamb of God, we insist there should be something we can/should/could do to augment HIS blood. Maybe if we pray more….praise more….give thanks more….adore Him more…spend more time in the Word…our lists can go on for days!  The reality of it all is, WE CAN’T.  We have nothing that we can do that will EVEREVEREVER be enough.  Not enough good….not even enough bad.  We are His.

Matthew tells us that from the overflow of our heart, our mouth speaks.  As we embrace this Truth, as we live this Truth, as we breathe this Truth – in and out, day by day, we become SO filled with Him and His love for us that our hearts overflow.  And, THAT is how we will reach the World.

(to be continued….you know me….got plenty to say about this one)  😉


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