One, just ONE

This morning, our dear friend, Ted Yoder posted a song based off the story of the Prodigal Son. (You can hear it here – by all means, go listen! Better yet, play it while you’re reading.)  This composition is yet another piece of the Truth that Father is trying to teach me.

Amusingly, He’s teaching me to count – to one.  Just one.  Uno. Ein. Yksi. Ett. אחד. Une. One.  You saw a snippet of it in my blog, “Just one thing…”  It was augmented by a totally innocuous trip into Psalms. (You’d think one would be safe in Psalms, wouldn’t you?) While there, I stumbled upon Psalm 62, in which the Lord says twice “He only is my rock and salvation.”  He only.  Just Him.  Just One.

So much of my Christian life I’ve been taught that Father wants me to do things for Him – that if I really, really loved Him, I would do.  I would give my life for Him.  I would reach the unsaved for Him.  I would feed the hungry.  All these wonderful things that I should do…being a do-er of the Word, right?*  It occurs to me, that the problem with this, is that then my focus is on MY doing and not His.

Yesterday’s link to the blog on the Gospel was just a sweet piece of affirmation for me: Jesus plus nothing is everything! It’s all about Him. Him. Him. More Him.  When we focus on anything we are doing, it takes our eyes off Jesus.  That means that anything – even good things – that focus on my part of the equation is a distraction at best and a lie at worst.

You see, we are coming to a time when the world will be shaken to such a point that we will have nothing else.  All our many rocks will be shaken – our health, our strength, our wealth, our jobs – all will be shaken and fall away.  Only the Rock of Israel – our only God the Rock – will stand.  When that happens, if we have not made HIM our ONLY rock, we too will be shaken, falling as our rocks fall – only to be found in the rubble of self-effort.

But that is not the heart of our loving Father.  His desire from the beginning has been that He would do it all.  That is why when we look up verses where Father tells us that He is our God and we are His people – He ALWAYS tells us what He will do for us.  Isn’t that why He told Abraham that He was El Shaddai – the Almighty God?  Whatever we need – He is it.  Whatever we lack – He has.  Whatever we fear – He is greater. He is our ONLY Rock.

Today, as you go about your day, meditate with me if you will, about our Lord – the ONLY Son – that our Father sent.  He holds His arms out to us and says, “Come – I am that One thing that is needful – all that I have is yours.  I am all that you need – you need no other rock – just One.  Just Me.”

*This is not to say that we shouldn’t live our life unto Him – but as usual in the Kingdom, the heart difference is the issue.

2 Responses to “One, just ONE”
  1. Robin Michelle says:

    One word.


    Have nothing profound to write in response. You just said it all in “ONE”. 🙂

    Hmm…Makes me think of the “Sh’ma”

    “Hear, O Israel, the Lord thy God the Lord is ONE”

    And you shall LOVE the Lord thy God with ALL thy heart, with all thy soul and with ALL thy might.
    These commandments I give you today shall be written upon your heart. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home, when you walk along the way, when you lie down and when you rise up.”

    Okay, so I had to say that ONE thing. 😉

    And isn’t Shabbat a vehicle to help us experience that ONE thing…? Shabbat Shalom!

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