Slow down…

…you move too fast – got to make the morning last.

For most of us, we get our time in the Word first thing in the morning.  We usually tuck it in the midst of our daily routine to grab the day, wrestle it to the ground and jump on it for a wild ride until bed time.  I would like to challenge you to slow down and enjoy your time in the Word.  Make what you learned each morning last into the rest of your day!

Peter says to us, “Grace to you, and peace may it be being multiplied! in the knowing of the God and Jesus the Master of us.”  (from an interlinear Greek Bible)  Notice – peace (whose corresponding Hebrew word is shalom) is in the continuous action of being multiplied to us, when we know God and our Master, Jesus.  That word “know” expresses a fuller knowledge, a greater participation of knowing by the knower, than by the known.

So, this morning, when you’re rushing about just kicking down the cobblestones, stop and check your heart – did you rush through your time of knowing Him this morning?  Did you leave your quiet time knowing Him more fully?  As you do, you can be sure that grace and peace will be being multiplied to you – and you’ll be feelin’ groovy!  😉

(No commentary necessary from the young pups!) 😛  😛

If you did – I’d be delighted to hear what you now know about Him.  🙂   If you didn’t – why don’t you begin by looking up the meaning of the word shalom.  You can chew on that for the rest of the day, I promise!  🙂

One Response to “Slow down…”
  1. javadawn says:

    OH!! Sorry – must credit Simon and Garfunkel “59th Street Bridge Song”

    Let the morning time drop all its petals on me. Life, I love you, All is groovy. 😀

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