Things are not as they appear…..

We first moved to our community in the midst of Oktoberfest.  For those of you who have not experienced such an event, it basically entails beer, brats and polka music.  I’m sure that there were other things going on, but for someone who was brand new to this, I didn’t see it.

Having a houseful of guests who were helping us move meant we needed to feed them all, so for dinner, we called in and ordered from the local pizza joint.  As I was walking down the alley toward the bank, to get cash, I saw a man surrounded by a group of young girls.  He was making horribly inappropriate comments to them, in a schmoozy, sappy voice.  “What’s your name?” “How old are you?”  “Do you live near here?”  “Do you want to hold my hand?”

The man was 10 years older than these girls and he was blatantly hitting on them – without another adult or parent in sight.  When he said “Come on – give me a hug.” I was ready to track down a cop and have this jerk arrested.  As I cleared the end of the alley, glaring at the degenerate, eager to find someone who could deal with this guy – I could hear the echo of this man’s voice coming from behind me.

Turning, I saw a crowd of  young children – probably 3-5 year olds – all gathered around a little motorized fireplug named “Pluggie”).  Pluggie was entertaining them with his antics and “witty” conversation.  They were all delighted to have such an interactive friend.  Thankful I hadn’t involved the police, I watched as the giggling kids all lined up to hug him, before they walked on to the food tent with their parents.

As we were recalling this famous (infamous?!) Clark story this morning, it occurred to me that is very much how this life goes.  There are things that I *think* I’m seeing – but my wonderful heavenly Father has a different idea.  An idea that is for His glory and my good.  But, if I allow my natural eyes to determine what I believe about the situations in my life, I will invariably be wrong.  Worst of all, if I’m not believing the things that the Lord says about my life, rather than what I am seeing, I am not living by faith….and we all know that without faith, it’s impossible to please God.


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