Walk, not run

Just a short, little bit to start your thinking in the right direction for the week.

Jesus was never hurried – nor harried. He always walked with His Father, at His Father’s speed, in sync with each of His steps.  Not only did He time His steps with His Father’s – He walked with a true knowledge of who His Father was.

Meditate this – which of us, when told that a child was dying, would not run to help? Which of us would not feel the weight of responsibility, especially if we KNEW that we could assist in the situation – let alone turn it around?

Jesus could have done all those things. He could have run to Jairus’ home to heal his daughter.  He could have allowed the knowledge that He had the power to heal flowing in Him compel Him to race off to do the work that He was created to do.  It was only right, was it not?

BUT if He had, the dear woman who had been bleeding for twelve years and was surely weak from her infirmity, would never have been able to catch up to Him.  Because of His love for the woman, the Father asked Jesus to walk.

Because Jesus knew His Father and His heart of perfect love for Him, for the woman and even for Jairus and his daughter, He was able to walk,when every ounce of His flesh had to be demanding – SCREAMING -that  He run.  When we know our Lord, we are able to rest in who He is and what He is able to do and we too can walk, not run, trusting the results to His hands.

3 Responses to “Walk, not run”
  1. LOVE this, Dawn. Thank you for the reminder…not that I can physically run right now anyway…there is a “running” we can do in the spirit that reveals that same lack of trust. XOX

  2. Valerie says:

    Well, Mrs D, I haven’t been to your bloggity for a while! This is GREAT and just along the lines of what I’ve been studying this week. Jesus lived with an expectant heart and the sure and certain knowlege of God and His path…therefore this is our ‘right’ too as sons! No need to rush about because God is at rest and not in a hurry, and when we are aligned with Him we are in this place too.

    Val xx

  3. javadawn says:

    Patricia, 🙂 This was one of those revelations that took my breath away. I mean I literally gasped aloud when it hit me that Jesus’ running would have been a very natural response – one however, that would have resulted in the loss of another life…WOW! What a Savior….what a God!

    Patricia & Val, that spiritual running is so dangerous, don’t you think? The next thing I’m going to blog on is living a life of rest – yeah, I won’t say anymore, it’s still percolating (Are you even old enough to remember percolators Val?!!) 😀

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