Somebody made a decision! :)

And I quote him, “Let’s just do the book.” SO, we’re going to put it into an ebook.  I forgot Monday is a holiday (ESPECIALLY considering Jeff’s family declared Memorial Day Family Reunion Day, several years ago, and I had completely forgotten all about it.  OOPS) so I will post it Tuesday morning, bright and … Continue reading

How Full is Your Convinced?

We are preparing for Passover at our house.  This is always a sweet time of the year for us…okay, I’m stretching it.  It’s a sweet time for me, because it means I get several of those nagging projects completed.  The children are SUCH a blessing, serving me in that way.  Most people, I believe refer … Continue reading

Dear Friends and Family,

Again this year, we are sharing with you a holiday story that we hope you are able to read aloud to your children.  (Well, most of them anyway.  Jeffrey is terrible about sitting on our laps when we read.  He keeps insisting on stretching those long legs of his out.  And this may be beneath … Continue reading


As some of you know, last year our family wrote a Christmas story to be used as an Advent supplement.  This year, we’re doing something a little bit different.  We’ve written a story to be used to help your family enter the New Year.  We will be posting the first installment today. Being married to … Continue reading

Ode to My Honey

You is tall, you is fine I’m so glad that you is mine. I do love you, yes I do Even when you gets the flu. You makes me laugh, you makes me cry Sometimes you even makes me sigh. Wez all for one, good or bad Wez hitched forever, aincha glad? In you hand … Continue reading

Bread and Java

Okay, it’s only been on my To Do list now for what??? Eight or nine weeks??!!!  🙂  Okay, maybe not that long. If you are interested in joining us in our read through the Bible this year, please come to this address and sign up. I have created a Yahoogroup for the express purpose of … Continue reading

Just in case you got behind

Jeff and I have posted our interactive Christmas card (and goodies) here.

Purchased ~

For most of her life, she knew well the phrase, “Bought with a price.” From as far back as she could remember the other workers loved to remind her she was a purchase, not free-folk. And though they took great delight in reminding her, they could do nothing to make her feel like a purchase. … Continue reading

Psst – Hey there Little Missy

Did you see?  April is running herself a contest and there’s…..

All the little birdies on Jay Bird Street

love to hear that Violet won my treat! (NO BOOING!!  I came up with this PRE-coffee!! So no booing allowed!!)  🙂 Violet, my dear, if you will please email me at javamama seven (use the number 7) at gmail dot com, I will get your address from you. (And I need to know your favorite … Continue reading