One, just ONE

This morning, our dear friend, Ted Yoder posted a song based off the story of the Prodigal Son. (You can hear it here – by all means, go listen! Better yet, play it while you’re reading.)  This composition is yet another piece of the Truth that Father is trying to teach me. Amusingly, He’s teaching … Continue reading

Who is He? Wednesday

Do you know what today is?!!  It’s Who is He? Wednesday. Many churches have midweek services, but they aren’t until tonight.  I need my faith encouraged and strengthened for the busyness of the day!  SO, I have decided it’s a great time to institute Who is He? Wednesday. And He who sits on the throne said, … Continue reading

Danger Will Robinson! Danger!

Robot (if he had another name, I was never aware of it) was Will Robinson’s companion, a constant attendant to keep Will from getting into trouble or danger of any kind.  He would roll along with Will or Judy and warn them of any impending danger or concerns that he might have, any time he … Continue reading

Just one thing

The counter was full of dirty dishes, I’m SURE!  The floor likely sticky – all those grapes?  (YOU ever make grape juice?! Yeah.  That’s what I’m saying.)  There were people all about – her reputation on the line.  All in all, it was a very stressful day. Coming out of the “kitchen” to set a bowl … Continue reading


Picture with me, if you will, a mine.  Mines have one yield.  You aren’t likely to walk into a copper mine in the UP of Michigan and come away with emeralds.  (Unless of course when they turn the lights out in the mine to show you how dark it is, you pop them off your … Continue reading

Joseph and his many coats of color

Does it amaze you, as well, when you are re-reading something in the Word that you know you’ve read MANY times and suddenly, you notice something that you had not seen before?  I did that this morning with Joseph and his coats. I have grown up with Joseph and his coat of many colors, so … Continue reading

What can we do?

The other day on my FB page, someone began a discussion about worship.  My thoughts have continued to swirl concerning the topic.  The question burning my lips has become, “Can we ever attain to being women of worship, if we do not spend time in the Word?” I thought that was the end of the … Continue reading

A Snickers ain’t gonna cut it!

It’s 4:30 in the afternoon and I’m STARVING.  I don’t mean hungry, I mean STARVING.  Okay, so not quite STARVING – but REALLY REALLY hungry.  I had breakfast and I had lunch, so how in the world could I be this hungry? Because my time in the Word this morning was cut short.  We had … Continue reading

Somebody made a decision! :)

And I quote him, “Let’s just do the book.” SO, we’re going to put it into an ebook.  I forgot Monday is a holiday (ESPECIALLY considering Jeff’s family declared Memorial Day Family Reunion Day, several years ago, and I had completely forgotten all about it.  OOPS) so I will post it Tuesday morning, bright and … Continue reading

Brainwashing Day 16

While very blessed to live in America, there is an aspect of doing so that is to our detriment.  Because we do not live in a monarchy, there are many things that simply bypass our understanding of a kingdom. Kingdom: The domain over which the spiritual sovereignty of God or Christ extends, whether in heaven … Continue reading