Somebody made a decision! :)

And I quote him, “Let’s just do the book.” SO, we’re going to put it into an ebook.  I forgot Monday is a holiday (ESPECIALLY considering Jeff’s family declared Memorial Day Family Reunion Day, several years ago, and I had completely forgotten all about it.  OOPS) so I will post it Tuesday morning, bright and … Continue reading

Brainwashing Day 16

While very blessed to live in America, there is an aspect of doing so that is to our detriment.  Because we do not live in a monarchy, there are many things that simply bypass our understanding of a kingdom. Kingdom: The domain over which the spiritual sovereignty of God or Christ extends, whether in heaven … Continue reading

Brainwashing Day 15

She was leaving the bathroom in a sleep fogged daze (or was it him? Oh well…) carrying a chocolate bar in one hand.  (That always grossed me out – chocolate in the bathroom??!!!  Blech!  And I’m a chocolate person! But, better chocolate than the other…)  He was running down the hall, a jar of peanut … Continue reading

Brainwashing Day 14 (the real thing)

I have a notebook where I have written out the things that I wanted to share in this series.  It was pretty clearly defined, with plenty of notes.  However, what I realized as I have been staring at my notes is that what I intended to teach here requires a better understanding of Covenant than … Continue reading

Brainwashing Day 14

My great-grandmother was known far and wide for her homemade ice cream.  The area farmhands would fight to be one of those that came to work the Powell farm for harvest season. The men knew that not only would there be fresh homemade ice cream every night, they would get to eat Grandma Pauline’s biscuits … Continue reading

Brainwashing Day 13

I promised less work, right? And today’s “homework” is pitifully easy.  (Work wise.) Ask yourself if you’re ready to let the Holy Spirit teach you about faith…no matter what that ends up looking like.  If your answer is yes, then ask the Holy Spirit to start the process.  Note anything that He shows you. This … Continue reading

Brainwashing Day 12

Yesterday I focused on Romans 10:17 – “So, faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of Christ.” Today, I’m giving you quite the “homework” assignment.  Take time today to look up what Christ had to say about faith.  You don’t have to go through EVERY statement Christ made, at least take a look … Continue reading

Brainwashing Day 11(kind of)

I made a brilliant discovery yesterday.  B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.T. My computer functions better with electricity.  😛 Sorry for the delay in our latest Brainwashing post.  Yesterday morning, when I had the available time to post, (we had a MAJOR project for a client that required my entire day – like 7:30 am to 10:30 pm…)  we had … Continue reading

Brainwashing Day 10

I shared with you that what started me on this new journey with the Lord was the day that I was crying out to Him asking for something that I could stand on, that I could trust would not change.  Both quickly and sweetly, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Heaven and earth will pass … Continue reading

Brainwashing Day 9

I am a word addict. I love words.  I can’t seem to help myself. There are some books I read for content, some books I read for fun and some books I read simply because I love the pictures that they paint with their words. If you ever read a book after me, you will … Continue reading