No Ordinary Home – Chap 14 Chronicles

“THEN what did Dad do?” we asked, eager to hear more of the ornery exploits of my father.  “Um, Grandpa, could you hurry, though?” my brother requested.  “Why? Ya gotta go somewhere?”  “Kinda…”  Advertisements

No Ordinary Home – Chap 13 – Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was the one holiday we spent with my grandparents every year.  My grandmother’s table was always filled to excess – and the dishes and stemware were the same each year.  I have those “marble glasses” as I called them (they have the little balls around the foot of the glass) in my china cabinet … Continue reading

No Ordinary Home Chap 12 – Pentecost

1982.  April, to be specific.  I was working, as a switchboard operator (does this date me or WHAT?) for Indiana University.  My “office” was really the theatre dept’s Box Office.  It was sized accordingly.  At best, the room was 6 x 8 with a large plate glass window across the front opening.  I was sick.  … Continue reading

No Ordinary Home Chapter 11 – Holy Week

Ok, so my idea of later in the morning and reality just didn’t quite meld, did they?? Today, I’m going to post an abbreviated version of the overview and also post the discussion, as we really did a goodly amount of discussion about this last week, when we were talking about Lent.  Come along – … Continue reading

No Ordinary Home Discussion C. 10

is at Shannon’s today!  Come on over, we’d love to have you join us.

No Ordinary Home C 10 Lent Overview

Mrs Brazo opens the chapter sharing her pain and frustration in her search for the holy during the Easter season. Most of her frustration stemming from her deciding to “do” Lent, rather than seeking the Lord to see how He would have her pour out her worship.

No Ordinary Home C. 9 Discussion

is at Jen’s today! For those of you who haven’t found a book yet, I have posted an overview of this chapter – read it and jump into the discussion.  It’s a challenge.  (I say that every week, don’t I? Hmm.  That ought to tell me something, eh?) See ya at Jen’s!

No Ordinary Home – Chapter 9 overview

Winter – both physical and spiritual. A time of silence…. a time when it appears that all around us is dying or “on hold.” A time when “God seems as removed as the daffodils.”

“No Ordinary Home” – Midweek reminder

Hello Dear Ones, do remember that this next chapter we’re discussing is entitled, “Winter” and we’ll be discussing it at Jen’s place. Please don’t hesitate to join in our discussions, even if you don’t have the book.  I will, Sunday night, post a quick overview of the chapter, so you’re able to join us.  Granted, … Continue reading

Christmas Thoughts from Ann V (Part II of No Ordinary Home C. 8)

(As promised – my Christmas gift to you – a post on Christmas by Ann V – be blessed!) Christmas. Visions of falling snowflakes, flickering flames in the fireplace, and sugar plums dance in my head. Well… not actually. Actually, I think of last Christmas….