Here, come share a cup of hot tea with me!

Man, is it cold!  It’s about 5 right now, with a wind chill. (I don’t even want to know what that wind chill is. Truly ignorance is bliss in this situation.)  SO, come on in, sit down here in my cozy little library and have a cup of tea with me.  (Or java, if you’d … Continue reading

The Stone Keeper – Chapter Ten and the Conclusion

The climb up the mountain was staggering. Steinar couldn’t believe that the old man of his dreams made this climb any too often. He hung to the side, looking up the steep mountainside. It seemed he had been climbing for hours. Was it only this morning that he left Jorn and started up the mountain? … Continue reading

The Stone Keeper – Chapter Nine

The whole world sounded strange the next morning. Steinar could hear the sound of what his sister’s called “snow dulling.” When the snow is falling – or it was freshly fallen – every sound seemed as though it were wrapped in fresh lamb’s wool. It was dampened and dulled. He could hear it through the … Continue reading

The Stone Keeper – Chapter Eight

It was just before dawn when the scream woke him. Steinar’s heart was racing before he could even partially sit up. What was that? WHO was that? Who would be in the forest screaming at this hour? Surely, it couldn’t be good.

The Stone Keeper – Chapter Four

Three straight days!! Rain, rain and more rain. Steinar couldn’t remember the last time it had rained for three days straight. He thought he might start screaming if the constant drip, drip, drip above his head, night and day, didn’t stop. He’d rather hear his sisters talk about clothes than this!

The Stone Keeper -Chapter Three

Waking up alone in the woods that you have been taught your whole life to fear, is not a good way to start your day. Waking up alive in the woods that you have been taught to fear improves it significantly. And the fact that he was alive was the only thing that Steinar had … Continue reading

The Stone Keeper – Chapter One

He couldn’t decide which was louder – the sound of his heart pounding in his chest or the snorting of the nearing wild boar. How quickly his life had changed. Just this morning, he and his family sat at the breakfast table enjoying the start to a good day, good food and good conversation – … Continue reading

Dear Friends and Family,

Again this year, we are sharing with you a holiday story that we hope you are able to read aloud to your children.  (Well, most of them anyway.  Jeffrey is terrible about sitting on our laps when we read.  He keeps insisting on stretching those long legs of his out.  And this may be beneath … Continue reading

Remember when…..

Christmas time came and going to Grandma’s house was an adventure in sugar overload?  I’m SURE my Mom loved it!!  I know I did.  🙂   Grandma felt that anything less than 20 different types of cookies and 5 different types of candies was an indication of abject poverty.  AND if we didn’t have a fresh … Continue reading

Transformation 1 Cold 0

“Mom, it’s really cold in here!”  I looked at this child, rubbing her arms and staring at me.  “I’m really sorry you’re cold, Sweetheart.”  I almost carelessly tossed the words over the top of the computer screen I was working behind. Some days, that response would have been one of distraction or busyness keeping me … Continue reading